Specializing in women's transformations.

Life Coaching, Fitness and Health Coaching, all in one. 


This is for the women who are intelligent enough to know that fitness is not just about aesthetics. That life is about more than looks. 

This is for the women tired of trying everything and ready to do what they needs to do. For the women who have little time, and a busy life. For the women who want depth and to develop their body, mind and soul. 

This is for the women who want to live a fulfilling and purposeful life through self love, health, and fitness. 


Do you ever look at yourself and not recognize the person in the mirror?

Have you gained weight? Then lost, then gained. Then gained again?

Are you exhausted and unmotivated?

Are you unable to push yourself to doing anything for yourself?

Are you unable to keep yourself accountable?

Do you know in your heart that you need a life overhaul that you know requires you to put yourself first?

Do you feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to everyone else and are wondering why they can ‘do it all’ and you can’t?

Is there too much going on and you don’t know where to start?

Start here. 

Ambition Online offers e-books and programs for those looking for nutrition and workout programs, as well as in depth Life Coaching and Holistic Health Coaching as well. 


Simplify,  Educate,  Empower,  Love.


Our Custom Programs

Compare Our Custom Programs on this simple table. Prices listed are per week, but billed per month!
Custom Lifestyle Program<br>

A Custom workout program (Changes every 4 weeks).

A weight loss or muscle gain focused nutrition program. Based on height and weight.

Check ins every two weeks (Via e-mail) on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Supplementation guide.

Stretch guide.

Custom Program- Athlete<br>

With this online program, you will receive:

10 day kickstart/detox to begin (included)

A Custom workout program (Changes every 3-4 weeks).

A custom nutrition program based on height, weight, allergies and preferences. Changes as needed!

Check ins every week. ON our App!

Supplementation guide.

Stretch guide.

Cardio guide

Demonstration videos (for proper form and exercises).

7 day “pre-event program” included. Perfect to follow a week before a big day!

Monthly Health Coaching Skype assessment

4 week post show program included, free.

Discounts on bikinis

1 week out workout/manipulation (PEAK WEEK)

Posing via Skype or in person (IF in Cape Town) included every three weeks!

As soon as you register, you will receive a few emails with your guidebook and shortly after will receive an e-mail with a link to download your app! To see our app click here- ambitiononline.trainerize.com You can switch from one package to the other from month to month, however we do require 30 days notice. So for example, if you are moving from Lifestyle to Athlete, we require 30 days to adjust your program! Interested in joining? Register online on this website, the register for the app directly here: ambitiononline.trainerize.com Have a few questions first OR are you a South African client that doesn’t have Paypal? Please read below! Attention SA based clients: Lifestyle: R1000 per month Athlete: R1500 per month

Awaken Life Coaching<br>

This program is for the woman who is tired of quick fixes. This is for the woman who is interested in getting to the root cause of their behaviours and weight problems. She wants to learn to love herself, learn about body positivity, and learn to empower themselves and others through training their mind, body and soul. I want to empower and educate women interested in living a fulfilling and purposeful life through self love & health by training the body, mind and soul! AS YOU KNOW, I Have been In this industry for ten years now and I’ve learned how to effectively and permanently help to change the way you view and live your life. By learning how to nourish, love and grow our minds bodies and souls. This is for women who are tired of quick fixes and who are smart enough to know that a quick fix isn’t a permanent fix. To the women who are done trying everything, and ready for a lifestyle change. The women tired of living in a dark cloud of self hate, tired of feeling like there is an insatiable hunger and hole in their hearts, the women ready to learn and use their minds and intelligence to change their entire lives. Are you ready to awaken your body mind and soul?
-Custom Nutrition

-Custom workouts

-Custom weekly life coaching!


Balance is what we aim for! This is a life change, not a race!


E-mail, an App, WhatsApp, iMessage, Zoom. All different mediums in which we can communicate so you have constant access to your coaches!


Join our online community of other like-minded individuals aiming to improve their lives. Make international friends on the same path as you!


We have hundreds of success stories. Whatever your it is, we will help you achieve it! No goal is too big or too small!


Each custom program is carefully and creatively created according to your needs and goals!


We are the result of our own emotional and physical transformation stories. We have both started with our own bodies and journeys, and you are not alone! We understand how hard it is! But it doesn’t have to be- with the right coaches it can make all the difference.

Are you ready?
Committed to YOU.

Some statistics about our programs

We are passionate about our work
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Pre-made PROGRAMS!
Pre-made programs great for anyone looking for a quick program! Automatically downloaded and very effective, these programs have been followed successfully by many clients so we made them into an e-book! Enjoy!

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Winning Athletes

Competitive Athletes

2 Pro cards, 6 National level athletes, 32 Top 5 Placings and more than 60 Top 10 Placings! AND COUNTING...
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9 years for Andrea, 7 for Daniel.

With this much experience, we know that what we do works.

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