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The last week of 2015…

So … THE QUESTION IS, why am I blogging again?
uhhh I actually don’t know.
Sorry if you were hoping for a reason. But maybe after a while we can all come to a solution together?
Let’s start with me introducing myself.
I am Andrea. I grew up in Canada, my family traveled a lot. I come from a relatively large family of four siblings, and my mother and father who are still together. My mom is a very cute (and short) Portuguese woman with a firecracker personality. My dad is a Canadian man of dutch, polish and irish descent, and he’s very tall and broad and muscular. I got the best of both worlds- I am average height, big portuguese booty from mom, broad shoulders from my dad, and I have light brown hair but dye it blonde. My sister had dark blonde hair, and dyes it darker. Go figure right!
IMG_2033< Mom and Dad. (Switzerland) Note the height difference HAHA
I went to a french immersion school growing up, while speaking portuguese to my grandmother who lived with us at home. So, I grew up tri-lingual.
 My mom was an only child so my grandmother came from portugal to help her out with the four kids, four kids in under 5 years! way to go mom. My dad worked a lot so she needed some help.
IMG_2027 How fabulous is this? I used to make the four of us do shows for my parents. I am assuming this was a fantastic finale.
The four of us siblings are all average height, and pretty dang good looking if I do say so myself. We don’t look alike, but we all have similar eyes, so I’m fairly certain that neither of us are the milk mans child.
IMG_2028 IMG_2030IMG_2029      WE HAVE FUN…. when I get to see them. *tear*
I went to an all girls preparatory Catholic school for six years and graduated from there. (With Honours)… just kidding. But if I did say that, not one of you would know if that was true or not. 😉
I studied sciences for three years at University of Manitoba, changed my mind, studied some Religion courses and business courses while I figured out what I wanted to do, then…. quit everything and started my own business.
NATURALLY my mom and dad were SO PLEASED… *sarcasm*
I competed avidly for about six years, and have taken the last year off. From the age of 20 ish to about 26 I was completely entrenched in fitness and everything it had to offer. I will get into detail about that at another time!
I managed to win my pro card, place top ten in the world, and I was featured in several magazines until I accomplished my ultimate goal of getting on a magazine cover in 2014. I have traveled a lot and I have lived in: Victoria BC, Winnipeg MB, Los Angeles CA, Belfast UK, and now I am living in Durban South Africa. My boyfriend is from South africa and we met in Vegas competing in 2013.  And I will go into detail about that one day too soon.
Personality wise, I am very easy going and intuitive. I love life and everything it has to offer. I love hard, I love my friends family and partners an insane amount. I enjoy food and fitness, and my life goals are to empower other others to see their true worth and potential, and lastly to make a lasting impact in this world in a positive way.
At least this is what I tell myself hahaha.
My blogs will focus on:
and anything else I dang well choose to write about or review.
I am targeting fun loving, life living awesome individuals who want to make and see the most of this world as possible.
When I was blogging before, which I still wish I had those posts somewhere, I was in my very early twenties and my posts were completely about fitness and the journey that I was one. (Also, I was and am hilarious so gear up for some sweet memes and pics… I also feel you should know, I am very sarcastic so please know this when you read my blogs!)
I am excited to share some thoughts with the internets.
I aim to motivate, inspire, and educate a few people on different things, products, and maybe even make you crack a smile or two.