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Staying strong throughout the holidays!

Here’s something you need to realize.
You won’t have any less of a good time at a party or outing because you’re not eating the same food they are. You’re there, you’re an awesome person, you’re just not eating the same things they are.
I turned down desserts and chocolates … And I still had A good time. The logic is, this action doesn’t bring me closer to my goal, so no thanks.
Pick and choose your holiday splurges. Be selective. Aged fine cheeses? Ok I’ll have a bite. Dollar store chocolate? No thanks. Random store bought cookie? No. Grandmas homemade cookies? Yes. Just one.
Be strong, pick and choose, and remember the end goal. It’s your body. If your goal is to lose weight over the holidays, then do it. Remember that only you are responsible for what goes in your body and nobody else, don’t let saboteurs convince you otherwise. Just enjoy yourself and be lively and fun and you’ll be so glad you stayed focused. If someone asks why you don’t want a particular thing they’re offering, just say you ate too much (insert food item here) yesterday and you can’t even look at another (food item) 🍪🍹🍨🍭🍦🍫🍿🍰🍮 #foodhangover
it’s been years so my family and friends are used to it but saying “I’m trying to lose weight” to a bunch of people who think and know that you’re perfect is hard. Just make sure you’re eating enough calories for your goals of course!! Under eating I don’t condone. Be smart, and go with a good coach if you need more guidance.
These are the little tricks that work for me, maybe not for everyone but when you have a goal, YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!
Especially my competitive gals I’m looking at you !!!🙃😏😘
Another tip- wear jeans. Wear something tight and not super forgiving. Comfortable of course, but I like a reminder pinch if my pants are feeling insanely tight after a meal. It’s my little reminder to not have that 3rd helping, and to maybe just nurse a glass of wine until home time.
Of course, not for the main dinner though. Wear yoga pants for That one! 🎁🎉🎄🎅
Happy new year !