Archive: Jun 2016


I’m BACK BISHES!     So anyway. It’s been a few months but I have lots of content….. so get ready!     Photography. If I had to guess, I would say that I have been in front of the camera thousands of times… For real. Since young I have never been shy of cameras. I have done many many photoshoots with many top photographers and I can say with certainty that it is a hard job. I really appreciate you, photographers, for your skills and your art. Photographers are misunderstood I feel, because it’s hard to see the work that goes into everything. Much like graphic designers, or even my job as an online coach, our jobs are very behind the scenes. Photographers take pictures for say one hour, but spend 10 hours on those photos editing. You dont see that. So, I can relate, when people don’t understand your profession. People cancelling, or asking for TFP -free photos- (Which is fine if you’re a beginner photographer or looking for a particular look for your portfolio and dont mind doing it, but most people who are very busy wont have the time) People don’t see the hours you spend on your computer or your phone, emailing back and forth sorting out a shoot, sorting make up artists and venues and everything. It takes ages and now with everyone acting like photographers because of cell phones and filters, it definitely has become harder I feel for photographers since it’s unappreciated a little bit. A good photographer is an artist in every sense of the word. You can’t fake creativity and you cant just “buy” or “practice getting” an eye for art or photography, you either have it or you don’t. Ten people could photograph the same model, the same flower or the same chair and it will come out ten different ways. And that alone is what really fascinates me about it all. So, after being in front of the lens for so long, I think im going to work on some things behind the lens. By no means am I saying I want to be a photographer, but I have such an appreciation for it that I want to learn more about it. A hobby, if you will. I’m excited to share more about that!   IMG_8160