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Amy Rencken Testimonial

This testimonial is so eloquently written, so heartfelt and inspiring, that I sincerely hope you take the time to read it! Without further ado …. my dear friend Miss Amy.   untitled-design-2   “So , I’m not entirely sure how to write this , and to be dead honest I’m nervous with each letter I begin typing. But regardless of general self-conscious hoopla I feel honoured to be able to be writing on my journey. Ironically,  I had a lovely conversation with an inspiring women last night who told me that when I feel I’m failing my goals , I need to remember im able to do it because ive got the opportuntiy  – something I feel is a true statement with Drea, but I’ll get to that. So I’m going to tell you My story and hopefully it motivates you by knowing you’re not alone in this.     * SPOILER ALERT * I’m not a fitness model or model  or athlete.  I’m an ambiverted, neurotic, big hearted,  hard working average Joe or Jane or whatever.  I’m also nowhere near my goal , but I’ve made massive strives towards it , and those strives only truly were significant when my journey started with Drea.     When I met Drea I was weighing a lovely 110 kgs.  But there was a before at 120 and my heaviest at 130 4 years back.  What I can tell you is its been no easy ride and unfortunately I’m not a rugby player .  I’ve spent my last 7 years completing 4 degrees ,and am currently an emerging industrial Psychologist finishing my masters year . So I’ve basically been a broke student whose primary goal was defeating the naysayers who said I wouldn’t even finish high school and don’t have the aptitude to go far …….lol. But with that came major sacrifices.  Not just socially as you develop but also physically . I didn’t even realize I’d hit 135kgs at a busting age of 21. Being big your whole life you begin blocking off comments ,epecially when your focus is elsewhere . But at that stage while I often gave up easily with diets , I was incredibly self conscious. I had a few horrid comments made and after the 100th crash diet I gave 101 a shot . Lost 40 in 4 months.  I was starved,  saggy , and sad. The problem with crash diets like that is you will loose,  for now.  Then you gain it back , and you also gain an  intolerance to foods , as well as you begin yoyoing like nuts . It messes with your mental state and I ended up gaining it all back.  My attitude towards myself and food was dismal . But I kept trying and kept failing miserably.  After being in a not so great situation once I moved to Durban I didn’t understand why I wasn’t losing . I was doing every trick , maybe I was cursed or something ?     After my year here I was massive , well massively broken . I felt my outside and who I was wasn’t the same and whilst I prided myself on my confidence and boasted that being bigger was OK,  I was accidentally flawed in my own opinion . Although being you,  in any shape and form is of utmost importance it should never be used as an excuse to hold yourself back from your full potential. That’s what I began realizing – I wasn’t a ‘whole self ‘.  I wasnt comfortable being me , and who I was was controted through assumptions of my size . A few months before I met Drea I realised that , and I realised  I was 24 and I couldn’t walk up to the gate of my flat without being out of breath.  I was missing a chunk of life and I lost my vibrance . But I was also petrified.  I realised nutrition was one aspect , but I needed to do exercise. I realised crash dieting  didn’t work and decided to gift myself by doing it right .     But here’s the thing , and a note to those people who think their opinions about others matter- all the words add up , you’re not the only person who has said something and you’re damaging someone’s integrity . What comments you may ponder? Those self professing nonsense comments you say all the time . By the way , here’s a few :
  • – You’ll never become a good psychologist because you don’t look like you have a balanced life
  • – You’ll always have relationship issues because you’ll be too self conscious
  • – You’re OK looking but you’d be beautiful if you were skinny
  • –  You’re a great person but I don’t want to date you because you’re fat
  • –  OMG,  Amy is huge she can’t sit there she’ll break that chair
  • –  Don’t worry about wearing your gym clothes to class because then others will know you were there at least
  • –  Look at the way she wiggles , how embarrassing
  • –  OMG she’s a hippo, I mean she’s got a nice face but pity about the rest
  • –  I don’t remember you , OH wait you’re FAT AMY
  • –  No way SHE could achieve THAT she’s just a fat girl
  • –  Check the handbag
  • –  Amy you’re not comforting without being big
  • –  You don’t mean much because you’re big
  • –   Don’t do /say/eat/wear that
  • –   check fatty eat
  • –   etc.etc.
Yes yes humans are nasty , duh , but lordy lord I’m a lot more then my appearance,  and I seriously don’t want to hear your impression of a motivational speaker on how to live my life . You don’t know me , please hold tight on those herbal life banners before I loose my fat ass all up in this business.  Those comments make people like myself who you assume are confident fear the gym and not even bother.  My identity is way more then what I look like. But it harms you eg. I refuse showing my knees in public and would rather drown in my own sweat on a hot Durban day then air out those bad boys. But I was scared so I started at home . Yep , those Gillian Michael’s dvds are gold. I tried everyday,  I pushed myself . Sadly I couldn’t handle 10 minutes , but then I could and much more . I started eating holistically and tried balancing and not missing meals etc. I caught myself by surprise when I could run up to the gate and back without panting . I then met Chris and his passion for gym rubbed off on me .   When I started I knew nothing more then I had confidence to walk in now . I think the heads I turned were mainly genuine concern for my health or equipment . And while I did the norm and googled it didn’t necessarily help. I knew I needed help but I was scared again . I was and still am categorised as lazy . People assume that because you’re big it’s because you don’t make the effort and give up easily . Often I’ve experienced  shouting authoritative types which in general I don’t gel with . My size has nothing to do with my commitment , I’m actually incredibly diligent and hardworking  ( Please refer to my work experience , academics etc.) I’ve built myself up from someone who was a plain moron to a semi-moron . But because of my appearance  people assume it’s fair not only to say things,  but to equally shame you during coaching.  I also didn’t want to jump on another crash diet and be in the same place a year later.  So I needed a guru . Someone who both challenged me intellectually and physically , someone who wouldn’t give up but who understood that sometimes I’m up late writing my thesis and I’m exhausted, that I’m a student and can’t afford the norm , and that due to the nature of masters our time is of serious essence and it’s one which doesn’t really conform to a schedule . Often factors which lead to failure.   So just before I met Drea I had already lost 10kgs , so I was 110 and keen . I was booting out two sessions a day , one fasted cardio and the other weights. But no shock I had little to show for it. I wasn’t making much progress and a winner trip to Miami was insight, on top of finishing off my second honours degree . It was then that a friend at the time asked if I was interested in signing on with Drea . That’s where it really started.   If you’ve met Drea , or even if you haven’t she’s an inspiring women . She’ll challenge the hell out of you with a cheeky grin and banter. I remember our first meeting and hearing her opinion of other diets and general appearance related things,  and it  really sparked my fancy. She didn’t talk immediate results but long term investments . She spoke from the heart and had no intention to sell something . She spoke from an educated stand point and enjoyed the rebuttal instead of hastily avoiding it .  I remember our first session I was late and her remark was ” It’s fine , you aren’t delaying my workout but yours “. In the very beginning I couldn’t even do a box jump. But that’s when I truly saw what Dan and Drea stood for . Instead of shouting at me or making me feel small and ashamed they narrowed down to what was holding me back . I didn’t feel like a noob,  but instead challenged to one day be able to . And trust me when I did I pranched my fat ass straight up to them to boast that I could jump with both legs on a step.   But 2016 happened (it happened to us all) , I got accepted into Masters and began another journey as an emerging industrial Psychologist which BTW is my life long dream . One I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for . My focus shifted again, I had to prioritize and this year was tough . My finances weren’t great,  my social life wasn’t grand,  I think I’ve broken a few too many times.  But for the first time I had a coach and a friend who incidentally showed me the truth.  The one coach who wasn’t there to sell me on the latest gym merch but one who truly encapsulated the balance of life. Drea taught me the fun health  side,  encouraged my progress even though I wasn’t  a client anymore . I regret the day I couldn’t continue on the program but look forward to 2017 and going straight back on it . If you speak to me I’ll refer you straight to her because even though I’m not in the gym daily I’ve successfully kept the weight off that I lost with Drea. I’ve finally after a year been able to control my portions and understand nutrients without completing discarding a food group . I’ve finally been able to eat food , not feel guilty, and not gain like crazy , and most importantly I’ve found my love for weight lifting . For the first time I’ve got control.   Although my drinking habits could use some work , I walk into 2017 25kgs lighter, a non-smoker , walking into an amazing job with a company Im proud of be apart of . I walk in understanding that LIFE does happen and you may not have time to be in the gym 24/7 but when you can you make it count . I walk in with my focus set on consistency and reaching my full potential .  I walk in empowered through Drea and her love and light . So yeah I’ve still got some shedding to do , but one that isn’t wreckless.  Drea gives you more then a plan , she gives you your confidence . Like I said in the beginning , she gives you the ability to do it right .   So here’s to you , the reader – it’s not about being skinny, it’s not about loosing weight , it’s not about fitting a one dimensional aesthetic check box of ‘beauty’,  it’s about finding your own essence of beauty,  by finding your lust for life. Something which is unique to the GRG/Ambition Online brand.  The absolute consolidation between goals,  ability,  the body and the mind . So do yourself a favour , throw the pills out boo , throw out the fear to eat. Take a year and learn you !! For me although my body has changed I’ve had to learn how to look good in this skin and feel it, and I’ll have to do it again in my next few steps . But your health is not a goal.  Its a journey to soak in the essence of your beauty. That two second smirk scrubbed in sweat where you maxed your rep count, it’s that second of feeling two steps closer to you then you’ll ever feel before, it’s YOUR POWER   Give yourself a shot , do it properly .Your life will thank you.   Your presence will realize later”

One Life!

I am not nor have ever been interested in money or fame. I’ve always been interested in helping others, and going on adventures. You know you’re living your dream job if you could do it all for free, you would.
I have always been (almost) 100% clear on my Vision… My goals have always been clear. And, I’ve surrounded myself with people who remind of my capabilities when I feel low.
I’ve had a lot of less than perfect things happen and obstacles come in my way but my life is a direct result of the decisions I have made… and how I handled the ninja stars thrown at me. I’m not LUCKY. I’m not. I work really, really hard. Not everyone would like the life I have, to always be on your phone and giving yourself and your time to others, always traveling, I can imagine some people would hate that.
I do what I do because I love it. Anyone who knows me can testify to this. The over 100 testimonials I have prove this.
The point? You should too. You should love your job so much that you would do it for free. If I told you that in 5 years from now you will be doing the exact same thing you’re doing right now… Would you be happy? If the answer is no, you should start making changes! One decision and one change at a time.
One life ✌️