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Welcome to Ambition Online. We are beyond honoured that you are even here LOOKING at the possibility of working with us. Something in you was drawn to us as trainers and that means a lot to us. If you would like to hear what some of our former and current clients have to say about their experience, please click the testimonials button above!


Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your healthy life!

Formerly known as Get Ready Girls Fitness (GRG), we are re-branding and have re-launched as Ambition Online! With Daniel Wessels on board we are working with male clients! GRG ran from 2009-2017 and we impacted hundreds of women over that time. It was a women’s fitness company that was based out of Winnipeg, owned by Andrea Smith (now Andrea Wessels) and now we are launching into full time online coaching!


So, WELCOME TO AMBITION! Here is a little bit about us:


We met in 2013 in Las Vegas, both competing in Las Vegas at WBFF World’s. We have both been personal trainers at this point for a few years and had reached very successful points in our competing career.

Fast forward to 2017 .. we launched this site, have gotten engaged and married, moved from South Africa to Canada and then BACK to South Africa, started a new career and are just loving every day of this beautiful life we created!


We are both very different, yet the same. We are fiercely loving and loyal to our families, friends and clients. There are few people who care about people as much as we do. And from BOTH of us having nearly a decade each of experience/education in the fitness industry, we know what we are doing. Our focus at this point is to work with clients who want to find balance in life. Although we are thrilled and LOVE to work with competitive athletes and do train dozens of athletes per year, the Custom Ambition Online program is specifically targeted and perfect for those men and women who are looking to make healthy changes in their lives- whatever that definition is to you. IF you are in a place in your life where you need to focus on health and fitness, great. If you are a mom or dad and CEO and have only 20 minutes a day to dedicate to health and fitness, great! We can make that work! Life, to us, is about creating a life that makes you happy. We

Below we have outlined our accolades and accomplishments for you!

Thanks again for stopping by.






Andrea Wessels

-Internationally Published Fitness Model


-SHAPE Magazine Cover Model


-Personal Training Specialist (PTS)


-Nutrition Wellness Specialist (NWS)


-Specialist in Sports Nutrition (SSN)

-Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.


-American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified

-Sponsored Athlete 


-First Aid and Level “C” CPR and AED


-Current Student


-Motivational Speaker


-International Online Personal Trainer


-Former Lifeguard (National Level Lifesaving NLS)


-Experienced Bikini & Fitness Competitor Coach

“NO trainer out there cares about their clients as much as we do. Our testimonials speak for themselves. Our goal isn’t to keep clients forever, the goal is to teach them how to do things on their OWN and grow and do what makes them healthy and happy!

We have designed all the programs and are very proud of the changes we have  made with people worldwide”




Daniel Wessels

Daniel Wessels has been in the Fitness Industry for the past 10 years having swam for South Africa at 3 FINA World Cups, 2007 Olympics Trials and the South African Games where he won 5 gold medals and 1 silver. His love for swimming propelled him into the gym where the fitness lifestyle instantly took over. Daniel moved on to the fitness stage where he quickly made a name for himself internationally placing in the top of his class at world champs. Along with his love for competing he has helped hundreds of people get into the best shape of their lives while also enjoying every moment of their journey. No matter who comes under the watchful eye of Daniel, nothing pleases him more than seeing people change their lives for the better. You can rest assured knowing that he will always give you 100% of his knowledge and support through your journey. “Andrea and I will be there every step of the way for you, making sure your every need is met. We hope to pass on as much valuable knowledge as we can to you but most of all have as much fun as possible doing it! After all this is what we love to do!” Daniel is currently a personal trainer at Westville Virgin Active, please e-mail Danielwesselsfitness@icloud.com for rates or to arrange an assessment! Daniel is currently studying Sports Massage. 


Just a note- while Ambition does cater to women, Daniel does help with the nutrition programs and the competitive programs. Daniel trains all the men online, and does 1 on 1 training in person at Virgin Active. Click the button below to see Dan’s rates!