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Excuses, excuses, excuses.
 andrea smith
Its easy for us to say “this is whats wrong, this is what happened and its not my fault”
For me, if something is going wrong, i think about what I can do to change in my life or what i am doing wrong. How am I contributing to this? Clearly, something isn’t working.
YOU are responsible for the position you’re in.
Obstacles always come up. People stab you in the back, things happen, money comes and goes, friends come and go, partners come and go, and you’re going to be disappointed many times in our life. And if YOU handle these negative situations poorly, unfortunately thats nobody fault but your own.
I see people going from trainer to trainer time and time again, and blaming everyone and everything for everything going wrong in their life.
What have you done to bring you to this point? You skipped your workouts, altered your meal plan, and maybe only committed say 60% to the plan. Then, unfortunately, you’re only going to see 60% results.
Same goes for school, work, relationships, everything.
YOU chose to not study. You chose to not save your money and you chose to spend it, and now you’re in a poor position money wise. You chose to be late and call in sick for work, your actions spoke volumes.
It’s up to YOU to make change.
As a coach, I see and hear this every day. I do it in my own life sometimes.
As a coach, my job is to motivate, to inspire, and to make YOU feel that you CAN and you WILL and you MUST do what it takes to change. Here are your TOOLS, they are your two hands and your mind. And you do what you gotta do to get to the goals you want to ACCOMPLISH!
I do not chase, I do not hunt you down.
And yet I still get messages daily from clients and former clients thanking me for giving them the TOOLS to change THEIR own lives. And I still get APOLOGIES from people who realize that they were blaming myself and others for not accomplishing the goals that in the end only you and yourself only are responsible for changing.
Claim responsibility, and stop blaming others for your shit!
You have to press a little deeper, push a little harder, don’t give up.
MYSELF, My GRGS And my team at AMBITION…. are ALWAYS here for you, no matter what you’re going through we are here. but you need to realize that YOU and YOU ONLY are in charge of the change you make…. or don’t make.
I encourage you to create your best life through food, fitness and fun adventures!
Let’s chat.

Children and Obesity.

  I don’t know why this evoked such a strong emotion from me but it did.       aaaaa    
This has been circling the internet. And I just have a lot to say about it. But first, I asked other people how they feel. So these are my replies, my opinions, and my general feelings on the whole thing.
I feel completely split down the middle…. er, rather, in 100 different directions. Its taken me a while to realize how I feel or to understand my actual opinion and its also taken me a while to read all of the comments from other people in regards to this issue so this is the best way I can explain it.
A few disclaimers:
#1) I am not and have never been obese, but I have been very overweight. (See exhibit A)
andrea before after
Exhibit A
#2) I do not have children. I am an auntie, but like, very part time. So all in all, I am not a parent and I don’t even have a dog, so I am not responsible for another person or thing in any way really. So this is coming from a very unfair point of view because I can’t imagine what its like.
Here’s a few of my points. They vary completely, to either agree or disagree with this photo above, and are basically some replies to some comments I’ve seen and some ramblings. In no particular order.
– I think depriving your children completely of sugar and other processed foods is just as negative long term as being a “too strict” and over bearing parent. Depriving is a strong word as I don’t think anyone NEEDS “bad” foods, but if you make it “forbidden” and make it have a horrible reputation like drugs, your kid will lie to you and hide it from you and possibly develop a horrible addiction because of the “forbidden fruit” so to speak. I will explain why I feel this way later. I think that kids should know what is out there, know why to choose the healthier options, and that things are fine in moderation. Maybe one day our society will be holistic, but it isn’t yet.
-I don’t know how I feel about the term child abuse, seems a bit harsh, but by definition.. it is true. Think about that term. Child. ABUSE. You are abusing your child in a way that is detrimental to them mentally and/or physically and you are intentionally hurting your child. Its described as this:   “Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and emotional abuse.”    I TRULY don’t think that most of these parents are INTENTIONALLY causing injury or death or emotional harm. But the fact of the matter is, that is the outcome for a lot of overweight people… but not ALWAYS. Look at all of the examples that don’t result in death or problems. There are a lot of overweight people who live long, healthy lives. A lot of them. But there are also a lot who have major issues-diabetes, heart attacks, etc. …and then there are actual health issues that a healthy diet couldn’t prevent anyways.  Sometimes there is a thyroid issue. And then… theres the problem of actual lack of knowledge. Parents sometimes really don’t know that what they are doing could cause a lot of problems for the future. I go more into this point in my next paragraph. But as much as I don’t like the term used in this situation, it does make sense from a literal point of view. There are a lot of risks when you fail to act as a parent to teach the child proper nutrition…  
-Like I said, I don’t think its intentional. My reason- I was a fat pre-teen. Not child, pre-teen. AS soon as I hit puberty I couldn’t stop eating. Was it a mental thing? I think so. I personally think most eating disorders (that being all of them, binge eating, severely over-eating, orthorexia, bulimia and anorexia) are mental disorders, or stem from a mental disorder. (I also consider body dysmorphia a disorder and a lot of people have that. It can result in a form of eating disorder too. Can and usually does)
Anyway. Everything I mentioned- these are all some sort of mental issue that my mom couldn’t help. It was out of her scope of practice. She is trained as an engineer and teacher…. NOT a psychologist. She couldn’t understand why I would cry daily about being fat but then eat a package of bacon with breakfast. Its a problem that only people with these types of issues understand. My mom has never had a weight problem, she’s always watched what she eats and actually really did feed us very healthily growing up. Our treat was Subway, but she didn’t ORDER our food for us. We chose what we wanted. As soon as my food was 100% my choice, I chose WRONG. My slim  sister always had a 6 inch veggie sub with lots of veggies, I always wanted a turkey or chicken foot long with extra cheese extra mayo extra bacon. Its just the way some people are wired. I am addicted to fatty salty things and my sister like sweets. There are some things that parents can’t control and ME is one of them haha.
-I don’t think saying “They will be bullied as they get older” is a valid reason to teach your child to eat healthy. –this was one comment I saw a lot on this post and that a lot of parents used as an argument. Like “these poor kids are going to be bullied” ok fair, and true … but.
To me, its the same as telling a child that they shouldn’t wear glasses or like comic books. Why? because they’re going to be made fun of for “not being cool” when they’re older? they’re going to be made fun of? yeah probably but is that really a major reason to teach them to be healthy? how about we focus on teaching our kids to not bully or make fun of other kids. Thats another issue though. I think bullying is something that happens but to make that one of the main points against or FOR this photo. I actually remember my mom saying the same thing to me (out of love…purely out of love and concern I know this full heartedly and I think I would probably do the same thing as a convincing technique to hopefully convince my child to stop stuffing their face) but I really think in retrospect that it made me put far too much emphasis on what other people say or think about me, resulting in things like oh I don’t know fitness modelling. And it actually took me years to stop caring what other people say about my physical appearance…. which was a really hard lesson for me. I remember buying exercise books and reading magazines about health and food since I was 13 years old.  I was bullied too obviously, I went to an all girls school … and I was bullied by my siblings too (thats what theyre there for and there was four of us, we were dicks to each other and I was too I was a BITCH but thats a blog for another day) but really,  it was horribly hurtful.. and it was shitty and yes it was awful BUT… thats going to follow you through life. Its just a part of life and I think the more important lesson is… learning to have a tough skin. Tough skin is so important, and preventing kids from everything especially being bullied is not only impossible but I think being protected and babied your whole life is worse…way way worse. Let them say stuff.  Fuck the bullies, man. Fuck em. Fuck their opinion! If they don’t bully you for your weight they’ll bully you about something else. I come from a family of four, and each of us were bullied for different things. Believe me, kids are assholes, they’ll find something to bully you about. IF you’re going to teach your kid to be healthy it better be NOT based solely on physical appearance, IN MY OPINION, because then you’re just teaching them that eating healthy is basically mainly for physical appearance, which is a huge huge problem and misconception and I’m tired of hearing that. A lot of thin people are unhealthy and have major health issues and heart problems etc. Thats why men die on average ten years younger than women, because they don’t hold as much weight as we do, we have to eat healthier to look a certain way when guys don’t. They can eat a lot of crap and still not be overweight. But thats NOT the only reason to eat healthy and I think thats the main problem. Let’s focus on being HEALTHY ok. If your doctor says you’re not overweight or that you’re cool and happy and your blood work is fine and your cholesterol is A-OK then Ok cool!
-Can we just not point the fingers at the parents in all of the situations? this is a very subjective situation. You can’t point the fingers at all parents and blame them! I have sympathy towards the parents in situations with overweight kids. How are you going to tell your kid to stop eating? I used to have horrible fights with my mom. She would buy donuts and I have skinny siblings, and they could eat 3-4 donuts, but Andrea can’t. Andrea you can only have one. So guess what I did? went and bought my own damn donuts! I would go to my friends houses and eat whatever I wanted.  “Treats” and “bad foods” are like, my thing. They are my reward system, how I celebrate, and how I make myself feel better. And I hate that I have that mental attachment to food. Like… as you maybe can tell, my entire life is about helping other people NOT feel that way, and LEARN how to be healthy, so yes I really do hate that I have that mental attachment to food obviously. YES, you need to teach your kids the difference between right and wrong but think about this- the overweight children you see, are usually with overweight parents. That was not my case. I have literally an amazing family that are all in shape. My sister has the perfect body still to this day, my brothers are all great and eat Mcdonalds every day, I just can’t. I can’t I don’t have the genetics, never have, and I come from the same parents. It’s just the way my body processes things. Ive accepted that. But it would have been a big mistake to judge my parents when they really didn’t ‘teach’ me anything, they just couldn’t really control me when I was 13 and started having these mental addictions to food and was over eating like crazy. What are they supposed to do ? slap it out of my hand? What about the kids with autism or other things that cause weight gain.
Anyways. Its different if the parents are also overweight. I guarantee you these parents were taught the same things when they were children, family traditions, comforts in food, the same mental disorder/addiction to certain foods, the same PHYSICAL addiction to sugar and fats, and you can’t teach something you don’t know. Im sure these parents know better but a 40 year addiction to something is hard ESPECIALLY when you were never taught the importance of a good diet. Growing up in say the southern US states.. that food is just not really good for you. Grits and gravy and fried bread. Whereas in Portugal and Mediterranean countries (my mom is from Portugal) we grew up on chicken, potatoes, rice, salad. On the menus there, theres ALWAYS a big salads section with a bunch of chicken and fish, things like that.  In the US there wasn’t really that option for a while. Ive seen it in the Indian culture as well. That food is so oily, you really don’t have healthy options at indian restaurants. Sorry but you don’t. You can’t understand what its like growing up in a situation like that if you didn’t. You don’t understand it. Its the same as smokers in my opinion. They know its wrong. They can feel the negative effects, they have heard the studies,they have a vague understanding that the food they’re eating is bad….. but its just what they do and they feel they can’t stop and thats THAT really.
-MONEY. A lot of people can’t afford the type of care they need for trying to get out of an addiction like that. I am a personal trainer and health coach and I know how expensive it is. Believe me I am aware. I have had to pay thousands of dollars (THOUSANDS…..) for my education… but BEFORE that, just paying a personal trainer to teach me everything I learned before doing this, was also THOUSANDS.  To learn a new sport costs a couple thousand dollars, ITS THE SAME THING as trying to gain knowledge in a completely new subject. Want to learn how to play guitar? guess what, $40 a lesson. Maybe in six months you’ll learn how to play. Health, fitness, personal training, sports nutrition, nutrition,===all university courses. So you don’t think its going to take you a few years to really learn everything YOURSELF? yes it is. Its expensive. And not only do some people not have the money but since they truly don’t understand the value or the worth of learning something like this, plus being majorly in denial, its just not going to happen. And who suffers? the kids. The generations to come. That’s who suffers.
-This is just a small side note but I think the fact this poor girl is the poster child for this subject… breaks my heart. This poor girl! This is bullying straight up. She has feelings too. She’s going to see this one day. She doesn’t know whats happening? She doesn’t know whats going on or what she did wrong? just sad. AGAIn we are putting the emphasis on physical APPEARANCE rather than her health.
-FINALLY, my opinion ON THE WHOLE 🙂
 From a health professional point of view, on the whole I absolutely think that this is true. I ask for a full health history when doing a custom fitness program and I actually see a big correlation between very overweight clients and the nutrition when they were young. I ask what they ate mainly as children, and 9 times out of 10 the overweight clients I have ate really high sugar, high processed high fat food. It’s not rocket science, it makes sense. I think one of the roles of a parent is to teach your kid the difference between good and bad, but I think this issue stems further than that as I’ve said. Let’s teach the kids in schools and lets teach the parents some things, like what proper portions are, how to avoid eating disorders and where to go if you have one, the importance of treating your mental health firstly. Lets teach our own children how to eat healthy and the health benefits. Lets teach them what foods are great to eat and what to maybe avoid, teach them the IMPORTANCE of health not just appearance, and please lets have some sympathy to this issue! Lets not try to fix this by making fun of people for their weight.  And lets make MENTAL / PHYSICAL HEALTH AND FITNESS less expensive, more accessible, and lets stop talking about being overweight as if its the most horrible disgusting thing you could be. Let’s not circulate this image anymore, let’s change the girl to a photo of something like a leg being cut off because of type 2 diabetes (27 million people in the US have it), that image makes more sense, not an overweight young girl.
Dre signing off !
I encourage you to create your best life through food, fitness and fun adventures!
Let’s chat.

Do people change?

In a word, yes. It’s a long and constant debate and sometimes I even change my mind. I find myself saying “MEN ARE ALL THE SAME” (and sometimes I really feel like I’m right!) but do people change? Like, if you are a naturally aggressive person and have been since birth, can you change?   In my opinion, absolutely. It starts with the desire to change. And, the acknowledgment about the thing you WANT to change.
If someone says that they ” know ” me and they haven’t spent time with me in the last few years, they don’t know me.
I’m constantly changing and bettering myself (or at least trying to!)
If you knew me a few years ago,
You knew a different person.
You don’t know me.
Dre signing off !
I encourage you to create your best life through food, fitness and fun adventures!
Let’s chat.

The importance of V I S I O N

Friends, I urge you to look at your body not from a judgemental place but from a place of potential and inspiration. Because of my line of work I almost always look at a body from my perspective of potential. I actually never look at a body in a judgmental way if I can help it and I always try to come from a place of compassion and I always try to see someone’s potential for their best physique. I think it’s so important to not only know your own capabilities but to look for the potential in other people, and to especially look at your OWN body from a compassionate perspective. You will never reach your full potential and less you can envision it for yourself. You may see an extra tire or maybe some cellulite but I see tummy lines and hamstrings! You need to see it too. It starts with a VISION👁!
Your vision has to take you to YOUR next level. You have to be hopeful and positive. Sometimes it takes years, but the end goal is worth the work. Sometimes failure will be repetitive. Sometimes you will have two horrible years in a row. Sometimes you will get sick three times in a row, and dieting just can’t happen. Sometimes you will book a trip somewhere and something will happen that you can’t go. But if you want something you keep working at it, and it will be worth it.
Marisa, I am not only proud of the work that you’ve done in less than a year but your potential, your drive, your enthusiasm and your trust in me makes me so excited for you for 2016!💪 the growth you’ve made not only physically, your muscle growth and your accomplishments, but mentally as well. Big things ahead!
It starts with a vision. It takes YOU to see YOUR potential. But sometimes, you need a catalyst. And for some people I will be that catalyst. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that YES, you have amazing genetics and physique for competing. I needed confirmation from my coaches and professionals that I was on the right track. Sometimes people will tell you you CANT and that is just as important as encouragement, because potential isn’t always set in stone either. Sometimes, hard work beats genetics. Sometimes, hard work beats potential.
Madison you have been relentless in your search for a healthier you, and I am so proud of the huge amount of change you made in only two months. I look forward to your changes for 2016! I have never doubted your perseverance or commitment!
Madison H
”Off to a great start for 2016, these photos are a year apart both on New Years with a twenty pound weight loss so far 😊 can’t wait to keep going with my journey. Thanks to my amazing trainer @dreiasmith you are awesome! Got to write down new goals and make 2016 the best year yet!💕”madison heggieNew Years
Fitness challenge 2015
Mad H


I am so in love with my Footmark bag. Honestly, I travel so much, I move around a lot, Im in and out of the house, and my job depends on having my laptop, gym stuff, and anything I could possibly need at all times.   IMG_0773 IMG_0783 I bring that bag with me everywhere Daniel does too. I used to have a Sixpack bag and it was just too big, and I didn’t want to carry around that many meals per day. I really only need 2. I am getting the new Tote soon so I will review it when I see it! As of right now, I have the backpack and I am obsessed! If you’re in school and eating healthy/traveling is important to you, I seriously highly recommend this bag!     Check my video review here:  

I am.

“I am exactly where I want to be. I am living my dream life.  One of my family members asked me today if I could do any job in the world, what would I do, and I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.  There is NO place I would rather be.
And I am here because I worked my butt off. If you know me, you know that I do whatever I want to do. I was born with a delusional blind faith that I truly believe I can do whatever I want. I always get whatever I want, and I won’t stop until I accomplish what I want. When I fall, I cry for a bit, and then my amazing friends remind me who I am and what I am capable of. That is why I will continue to move forward and CONTINUE to kick major ass for my friends, for YOU, my clients, and for myself. And I encourage YOU, to live your dream life.”

Staying strong throughout the holidays!

Here’s something you need to realize.
You won’t have any less of a good time at a party or outing because you’re not eating the same food they are. You’re there, you’re an awesome person, you’re just not eating the same things they are.
I turned down desserts and chocolates … And I still had A good time. The logic is, this action doesn’t bring me closer to my goal, so no thanks.
Pick and choose your holiday splurges. Be selective. Aged fine cheeses? Ok I’ll have a bite. Dollar store chocolate? No thanks. Random store bought cookie? No. Grandmas homemade cookies? Yes. Just one.
Be strong, pick and choose, and remember the end goal. It’s your body. If your goal is to lose weight over the holidays, then do it. Remember that only you are responsible for what goes in your body and nobody else, don’t let saboteurs convince you otherwise. Just enjoy yourself and be lively and fun and you’ll be so glad you stayed focused. If someone asks why you don’t want a particular thing they’re offering, just say you ate too much (insert food item here) yesterday and you can’t even look at another (food item) 🍪🍹🍨🍭🍦🍫🍿🍰🍮 #foodhangover
it’s been years so my family and friends are used to it but saying “I’m trying to lose weight” to a bunch of people who think and know that you’re perfect is hard. Just make sure you’re eating enough calories for your goals of course!! Under eating I don’t condone. Be smart, and go with a good coach if you need more guidance.
These are the little tricks that work for me, maybe not for everyone but when you have a goal, YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!
Especially my competitive gals I’m looking at you !!!🙃😏😘
Another tip- wear jeans. Wear something tight and not super forgiving. Comfortable of course, but I like a reminder pinch if my pants are feeling insanely tight after a meal. It’s my little reminder to not have that 3rd helping, and to maybe just nurse a glass of wine until home time.
Of course, not for the main dinner though. Wear yoga pants for That one! 🎁🎉🎄🎅
Happy new year !

The last week of 2015…

So … THE QUESTION IS, why am I blogging again?
uhhh I actually don’t know.
Sorry if you were hoping for a reason. But maybe after a while we can all come to a solution together?
Let’s start with me introducing myself.
I am Andrea. I grew up in Canada, my family traveled a lot. I come from a relatively large family of four siblings, and my mother and father who are still together. My mom is a very cute (and short) Portuguese woman with a firecracker personality. My dad is a Canadian man of dutch, polish and irish descent, and he’s very tall and broad and muscular. I got the best of both worlds- I am average height, big portuguese booty from mom, broad shoulders from my dad, and I have light brown hair but dye it blonde. My sister had dark blonde hair, and dyes it darker. Go figure right!
IMG_2033< Mom and Dad. (Switzerland) Note the height difference HAHA
I went to a french immersion school growing up, while speaking portuguese to my grandmother who lived with us at home. So, I grew up tri-lingual.
 My mom was an only child so my grandmother came from portugal to help her out with the four kids, four kids in under 5 years! way to go mom. My dad worked a lot so she needed some help.
IMG_2027 How fabulous is this? I used to make the four of us do shows for my parents. I am assuming this was a fantastic finale.
The four of us siblings are all average height, and pretty dang good looking if I do say so myself. We don’t look alike, but we all have similar eyes, so I’m fairly certain that neither of us are the milk mans child.
IMG_2028 IMG_2030IMG_2029      WE HAVE FUN…. when I get to see them. *tear*
I went to an all girls preparatory Catholic school for six years and graduated from there. (With Honours)… just kidding. But if I did say that, not one of you would know if that was true or not. 😉
I studied sciences for three years at University of Manitoba, changed my mind, studied some Religion courses and business courses while I figured out what I wanted to do, then…. quit everything and started my own business.
NATURALLY my mom and dad were SO PLEASED… *sarcasm*
I competed avidly for about six years, and have taken the last year off. From the age of 20 ish to about 26 I was completely entrenched in fitness and everything it had to offer. I will get into detail about that at another time!
I managed to win my pro card, place top ten in the world, and I was featured in several magazines until I accomplished my ultimate goal of getting on a magazine cover in 2014. I have traveled a lot and I have lived in: Victoria BC, Winnipeg MB, Los Angeles CA, Belfast UK, and now I am living in Durban South Africa. My boyfriend is from South africa and we met in Vegas competing in 2013.  And I will go into detail about that one day too soon.
Personality wise, I am very easy going and intuitive. I love life and everything it has to offer. I love hard, I love my friends family and partners an insane amount. I enjoy food and fitness, and my life goals are to empower other others to see their true worth and potential, and lastly to make a lasting impact in this world in a positive way.
At least this is what I tell myself hahaha.
My blogs will focus on:
and anything else I dang well choose to write about or review.
I am targeting fun loving, life living awesome individuals who want to make and see the most of this world as possible.
When I was blogging before, which I still wish I had those posts somewhere, I was in my very early twenties and my posts were completely about fitness and the journey that I was one. (Also, I was and am hilarious so gear up for some sweet memes and pics… I also feel you should know, I am very sarcastic so please know this when you read my blogs!)
I am excited to share some thoughts with the internets.
I aim to motivate, inspire, and educate a few people on different things, products, and maybe even make you crack a smile or two.

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