Available immediately for download! THE FIFTH ANNUAL GRG BIKINI BABE PROGRAM! (holiday edition)   bikini babe   Are you wanting to lose weight, and learn how to tighten and tone your body? For those who want to try a 4 week FULL nutrition Bikini Babe program, I am offering a FULL four week weight loss program E-book! It is called the Bikini Babe program 2016 ….but this is a SPECIAL edition! This contains Holiday recipes and tips!   Need something inexpensive, yet effective to help you get back on track with your workout goals? That’s what these e-books are for! As soon as you click download from the payhip site, it downloads directly to your computer! You receive your plan immediately! it includes: AT HOME workouts! 1 phase that changes every 2 weeks- a full body AT HOME workouts! You can do these at the gym or at home! Supplementation recommendations and FULL supplement list with benefits! Stretching & Cardio program 4 week nutrition program! Healthy Grocery list (very extensive!) Restaurant and Drink Guide! TONS of Holiday recipes and tips! AND MUCH MORE! Check it out! My Online programs are great and effective, I have had such great results with the Bikini Babe programs that I have re-vamped it every single year, and it has had amazing reviews/testimonials. Check them out at Getreadygirls.ca!  
If this is the program you are interested in, we offer South African rates for all SA based clients, and EFT due to the lack of people who have Paypal!
This program is R200
If you would like to EFT, please include the program name AND your name in your EFT, or send us a separate e-mail with your name and which program you purchased so we can send it to you right away.
 Banking Details:
Bank – Nedbank Branch name – Westville Mall Branch Code – 138026 Account name – D J Wessels Account number – 1134976380 Account type – Cheque


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