The program to end all programs!

For the woman who is making 2018 HER year.


This program is for the woman who is tired of quick fixes. This is for the woman who is interested in getting to the root cause of their behaviours and weight problems. She wants to learn to love herself, learn about body positivity, and learn to empower themselves and others through training their mind, body and soul. I want to empower and educate women interested in living a fulfilling and purposeful life through self love & health by training the body, mind and soul! AS YOU KNOW, I Have been In this industry for ten years now and I’ve learned how to effectively and permanently help to change the way you view and live your life. By learning how to nourish, love and grow our minds bodies and souls. This is for women who are tired of quick fixes and who are smart enough to know that a quick fix isn’t a permanent fix. To the women who are done trying everything, and ready for a lifestyle change. The women tired of living in a dark cloud of self hate, tired of feeling like there is an insatiable hunger and hole in their hearts, the women ready to learn and use their minds and intelligence to change their  entire lives. Are you ready to awaken your body mind and soul? I’ve outlined the program in detail below!   A W A K E N   Intro: Here we Start with a guidebook questionnaire with basic questions for me to be introduced to you, and vice versa. I send the guidebook a week before the program starts so I have time to go over them all.  I spend the week reading over everyone’s answers and creating a custom nutrition and workout program for you. I introduce myself, my life and my experience and I overview what we will be going through in detail in the program. At the end of every week, we have a phone call or skype session and discuss the literature and questions you’ve answered. We discuss your plan and your program, while incorporating life coaching methods into them. So, you’re getting an hour a week of life coaching included! Section A-    B O D Y Chapter 1 – Nurture Me We go in depth about nutrition, nurturing and nourishing the body. Different body types and what foods suit them. We discuss your program Different diets and all about a lifestyle program and how to eat best for YOU, forever. During our life coaching session we discuss your nutrition and what I think would be best as a long term plan for you. Chapter 2- Move Me Here we will go in detail into your workout program and why I chose what I did. Ways to improve your fitness program, and things to try. We go into detail about body types, muscle groups, exercises, stretching, weight loss and muscle gain and ways to do both. Cardio guide, and ways to track progress Section B-    M I N D Chapter 3 – Know Me Here we focus on getting to KNOW yourself. Personality quizzes, different methods and questions to get to really dig deep and know and understand yourself. We learn about journaling and affirmations, Ayurveda, the health wheel, wholeness, what is healthy to YOU? Confidence, mental health and planning/ goal setting. Chapter 4 – Love Me Here we take the new found knowledge of yourself and apply it to loving yourself from the inside out. We focus on mindfulness, future plans and more goal setting, self compassion, ways to love yourself and methods/exercises to do so. Time management and mental self care. We touch on burning out, sexual confidence and sex life, and we touch in how to be a good partner as well as women’s empowerment. Section C-   S O U L Chapter 5 – Connect Me This section is all about the soul! Spirituality, and religion (we touch on the difference between the two) different theories and methods, yoga, chakras, Ayurveda, and different ways and methods to fill your soul like visualization and breathing techniques, and meditation. Chapter 6 – Awaken Me The final chapter we dig deeper into soul enriching topics like karma and dharma, role models, and intuition. Ways to express yourself from the soul outward. Raising your vibration, kundalini awakening, more Ayurveda, and ways to bring it all together. Conclusion The last part, we sum it all together and come up with a plan of action for you to carry on with what you’ve learned. We incorporate the body mind and soul into one and move forward with your new knowledge and lease on life! The goal of the program is to get you learning why you need, to live YOU best life on your own! I will be offering a program for anyone wanting maintenance after the program, at R500 a month. This will include 2 life coaching sessions per month, and we carry on working on your nutrition and workout programs. This rate only applies to those who have completed the awaken course! The total cost for the 8 week program is R5000 ($500CAD)   THE FREEBIE! Yes there’s actually something more. I’m including a Year long diary and journal (printable) with mind body and soul reminders and exercises to get you through the WHOLE YEAR! As mentioned the program above is designed to prepare you for a healthier and happier life. But we all need accountability and a little push along the way. Stay on track and motivated with your awaken journal. As much as I love my digital calendar there’s something about a pen and paper that makes something real and legitimate for me. Writing it down makes it real. This will be a place for you to keep track of everything you learned and motivated EVERY single day. In the journal will be MORE exercises and more recipes, more weekly goal setting, yearly goal setting, motivational quotes, daily food and water log, questionnaires, mindfulness exercises, and so much more. This is a FREE printable Awaken journal for you by AO. Printed versions available soon. If you’re interested please register now! This program starts January 1. Next intake after this one, is march 1. I can only take 15 people per intake, and we’ve given our current clients a head start so there are less than 15 spots left, so please register ASAP! I want to thank you for your constant support and love and I can’t wait to get this program started!
      SOUTH AFRICAN CLIENTS:   if you’d like to register and EFT, please use the below bank details:  
If you would like to EFT, please include the program name AND your name in your EFT, and/or send us a separate e-mail with your name and program name (Awaken) so we can send it to you right away.
Banking details:
Bank – Nedbank
Branch name – Westville Mall
Branch Code – 138026
Account name – D J Wessels
Account number – 1134976380
Account type – Cheque


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