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This program is meant for current and aspiring ATHLETES, with the goal of competing in a fitness competition or featuring in a Fitness Magazine, etc. – This is not a lifestyle plan. This is a competitive, athlete plan. For other weight loss or weight gain related goals please see Lifestyle Plans!

With this online program, you will receive:

  • 10 day kickstart/detox to begin (included)
  • A Custom workout program (Changes every 3-4 weeks).
  • A custom nutrition program based on height, weight, allergies and preferences. Changes as needed!
  • Check ins every week. ON our App!
  • Supplementation guide.
  • Stretch guide.
  • Cardio guide
  • Demonstration videos (for proper form and exercises).
  • 7 day “pre-event program” included. Perfect to follow a week before a big day!
  • Monthly Health Coaching Skype assessment
  • 4 week post show program included, free.
  • Discounts on bikinis
  • 1 week out workout/manipulation (PEAK WEEK)
  • Posing via Skype or in person (IF in Cape Town) included every three weeks!
As soon as you register, you will receive a few emails with your guidebook and shortly after will receive an e-mail with a link to download your app! To see our app click here- ambitiononline.trainerize.com You can switch from one package to the other from month to month, however we do require 30 days notice. So for example, if you are moving from Lifestyle to Athlete, we require 30 days to adjust your program!   Interested in joining? Register online on this website, the register for the app directly here: ambitiononline.trainerize.com   Have a few questions first OR are you a South African client that doesn’t have Paypal? Please read below!   Attention SA based clients:   Lifestyle: R1000 per month Athlete: R1500 per month
As we mentioned in our blogs and About Us, we reside in South Africa. A lot of SA residents don’t actually have Paypal so we are allowing clients to EFT instead! We ask that you please pay us on the 1st of each month. You can switch from one package to the other from month to month, however we do require 30 days notice.
If you want a custom program, please e-mail Andreasmith_0990@live.com your proof of payment with your package and name. For example,  “Lifestyle-Andrea Wessels”.
Banking details:
Bank – Nedbank
Branch name – Westville Mall
Branch Code – 138026
Account name – D J Wessels
Account number – 1134976380
Account type – Cheque
After you have paid and sent our proof of payment to the above mail, you can immediately register for the app here:


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