Théberge bikinis are the best, I’m not going to dance around it the absolute moral and point of this post is how incredible this talented artist is, how much she’s influenced me on a professional and personal level, and how much she inspires me. She’s an entrepreneur, artist, mom, designer, and incredible friend.
Personally, I have lost count of how many bikinis that I have gotten from her, but I have loved every single one. If I have an idea or design that won’t work for my look/body she’ll tell me. If it’s ugly or not the right vibe for me, she’ll tell me. And I appreciate that a lot. Honesty is everything!
There’s a difference between a regular looking suit and a piece of art.
There’s a difference between your typical blinged out bikini suit, and a decorated Théberge suit full of Swarovski crystals. There’s nothing wrong with the other suits but when I’ve spent thousands of hours, tears AND dollars to get my posing routine and body to get it looking a certain way for this important day, I want my suit on point as well. I go big or I go home! If the suit isn’t 100% perfect, she won’t send it out on stage. She won’t put her name on something that isn’t 100% amazing. Thats the quality that I want in my suits!
Even before she started with her clothing line, I told her 8 years ago that when I get married, she’s making my wedding dress. We’ve already talked about it as I’m sure she already knows what I want before I will even know what I want! She just is that great at reading people. She’s so enthusiastic about every bikini and piece that she has hand made for me, it makes the experience that much better. And that’s just working with her. Getting to know her is a different kind of privilege and quite frankly,  has been a blessing!
 IMG_4249 IMG_3574
Sometimes when I’m around parents and children, especially lately, it kind of scares me out of the idea of kids because all I really hear is how your life as you know it is over as soon as you have kids. I’ve always wanted to do an insane amount of crazy things with my life & also with my partner and I just get scared at the idea that life stops when you have kids. All your big dreams, done. That’s just what you hear you know. Everyone’s lives just become focused on the children. You either pick the big career the big titles  the big jobs, Orrrrrrrrr the kids. Which is fair I mean that’s what you wanna do then mad respect to you. Of course this isn’t the case for everyone, I am well aware!! But I can imagine it’s difficult to balance that!
Tanya is the first person that I’ve met with a baby and a teenager.. and she is absolutely killing it. She’s dominating life. Accomplishing huge goals, creating art, and is such an amazing mom. And it’s different because I’ve known Tanya for years, I understand her art I’ve seen her grow. Becoming a designer from Canada seemed impossible but I always knew she would do it. Undoubtedly. I’ve been a loyal fan since day 1. There are many many moms out there accomplishing their dreams don’t get me wrong but Tanya is the first one I got to know personally and witness over a period of 8 years. She’s the first person to ever make me feel like I could still live all of my dreams and have a family too.
Tanya is not just talented but smart, intuitive, empathetic, but also tough when I need it.  I’m fired up and motivated every time we speak, and that’s a gift to have and a rare quality so I feel blessed to know her!
If you haven’t, you need to check out her work. These bikinis are not just for competitions. I have rocked these suits for photo shoots, in Vegas, and just for an awesome beach bikini.
Her instagram is @Thebergebikini, and you NEED to check her out!