It’s ……… March 8! We’ve taken a break from the blog because our website was being RE-DONE! Do you like it? we sure do!   As a gift to you beautiful women we are giving several free women’s programs up for downloads…. FOR FREE! Under Products- Women’s Programs (E-books)   below is a rant of mine on women’s rights, read it or don’t but YAY FREE STUFF right?!       I have dedicated my entire life past, present and future to uplifting other women and helping all women lead healthy lives. I am very thankful that I have a partner who has dedicated his life to doing the same thing but with both men and women. Today is International women’s day which is a big deal to me in many ways, and for many reasons. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family and a country that the equality among men and women is PRETTY GOOD. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. I am a feminist and I always have been a feminist and I find it really sad that the word has been tainted. Feminist means that you believe in equality among the sexes. That is all it means, it doesn’t mean that you think you are better than a man and it doesn’t mean that women are The superior gender all it means to me is that I should have all of the same opportunities that a man has. I should feel like I can accomplish anything I want to in this lifetime and the fact that I have boobs and a vagina shouldn’t have any effect on that. I don’t know if it’s because my mom was and is such a powerhouse of a superwoman but she worked three jobs and had four kids and a husband who worked out of town. She handled us on her own basically. And I never felt like one sex over the other was superior. I have two brothers and one sister and all four of us are doing such awesome and very different things. I love the fact that I am a woman! The one thing that I have a little bit of a different view on is the definition of equality. See the thing is I think that yes we women should have all of the same rights as men and we should be paid the same and we should have the same opportunities. It’s sad that we don’t, and super sad the difference between some countries and how women are viewed especially in under-developed countries. Although yes we do deserve all of those things and we are as a population working towards that I hope, the one thing that I have always embraced is that we aren’t the same as men. Women and men are different. Women and men are (on average) not the same!! In Canada we see DIVERSITY as strength. It is what unites us and on this topic I really feel that what makes me different as a woman is my strength. I am strong, I am smart, I am fearless, but I am also sensitive and I am also emotional and I am also maternal. And I don’t think any of those things are debilitating. I think those are my strengths. The same way in which we shouldn’t judge a person by the colour of their skin and the same way in that we shouldn’t not allow someone a job because of their ethnicity I feel that is what women’s rights is all about. I should feel like I can have any job I want and if I want to be a CEO of a company I can and I should be able to. But if I want to be a stay at home mom and wife and mother I should be allowed to do that to you without any discrimination or anyone turning up the nose to me. That is what feminism is. Just because I am a woman that I can’t do the job and although in a lot of situations sometimes a man is better suited for the job and sometimes a woman is better suited for the job but the point is that I should still be able to try and I should still be able to prove myself because sometimes a woman can do the job better than a man you just have to let them try.