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Welcome darlings!

My fitness journey started in 2009. I began competing and won my pro card, started a business (it was called Get Ready Girls) and traveled around the globe modeling and competing as a World’s level WBFF Pro, and placed top 10 in the world at one point! I got the cover of Shape Magazine (As you can see) in 2014, and that was my last year competing, and 2016 is when I stopped doing shoots and decided to not compete or diet extremely anymore.

Fast forward to 2019, I moved from Canada to South Africa, got married and had a baby! I am absolutely adoring my life as a mom, and although I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a fitness competitor, I am loving my balanced, busy and healthy life.


  • First Aid and Level C CPR
  • I am an IIN (Intitute of Integrative Nutrition) graduate as a qualified holistic health coach
  • I am a qualified Personal Training Specialist 
  • I am a qualified Specialist in Sports Nutrition
  • And am currently studying with Trifocus Fitness Academy (Pre and Post Natal certification).


I love science based evidence and studies, and make most of my decisions and plans based on this. However, I do have 12 years experience and a holistic understanding and I know that the human body is not a textbook, it really depends on a whole variety of factors. Putting different methods together has proven to be most effective way to see change. Everybody’s body is different, and it’s important to look at all aspects of health- the body, mind and soul. 



1 on 1 sessions

cape town & online

Outdoor Sessions in the Southern Suburbs

Weather dependent, these sessions are a wonderful choice for anyone who works or stays in the Southern Suburbs and wants to get an amazing workout outside! The skills taught throughout these sessions are very useful as you can do these workouts at home, or on holiday. We use bands, weights and body weight.  Perfect for clients who want to lose weight, spend time outdoors, and increase their strength and cardiovascular endurance.

You really can get an amazing workout outside! Let me show you how!

Rates are R400 per session, or R300 per session if 3 times per week. Prices include online nutrition, app access and workouts.


Sessions at a private studio (Sea Point)

This option is excellent for clients who don’t like big gym settings, are just getting started and need some 1 on 1 attention with no one else observing. I find this option is great for those who need to learn proper form of basic movements and those who want to increase their strength and learn how to workout in an ‘at home’ gym setting. 
This option includes custom nutrition when you do 2 sessions a week or more. 
Rates are R450 per session, or R300 for a half hour session. 

Online Coaching

I have been an Online Coach for 12 years, and have spent this time ironing out and perfecting this program!
This program includes custom nutrition, app access, workouts, supplementation, and cardio. It includes absolutely everything you need to go on this journey on your own- with my guidance, of course!  I even include my life coaching e-books and teachings to those clients that are open to it- a fully transformative program. Everything is done through the app and completely private! 

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone of any fitness level that wants to make changes to their body and life. Most clients find that as you exercise and eat healthier, many other aspects of your life improve as well. Your relationships, your jobs, your outlook on life- all of it is all intertwined.


This program is R1000 per month ($100USD) per month, or R2500 for 3 months ($250USD). This program is available to clients internationally, from any walk of life. 

The male programs are done by Daniel, the female programs are done by me. For more information on the male programs, check out the section on the website called Ambition Online. ( or Click here).

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Life Coaching Programs

The Awaken Life coaching program is a 6 part series that takes 4-6 months to complete.

It involved self introspection, answering questions, and 6 telephonic calls with me to discuss what is unfolding as you take this journey inwards.

This program is for anyone who is interested in getting their body, mind and soul started on a journey to a healthier version of themselves. This program has been quite successful and the women who have done this program made some very positive changes in their lives permanently.  There are some testimonials under our Testimonial page.


This program is R5000 ($500USD).

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