Hey Im Dan!

Here’s my story.






I was born in Durban, and currently reside in Cape Town.

I have a long history of sport and movement based lifestyle growing up. Spending most of my time outdoors and on a farm, I have always had a fascination and respect for the human body carrying us through the journey of life. My ultimate goal is to feel balanced, grounded in strength and as swift as the wind.

I am a former professional swimmer, singer and fitness model. I have placed 4th in the world as a WBFF Pro Fitness Model in 2014. I then continued to focus on improving my day to day life with functional and cross-lifting techniques. I now enjoy training for performance, pre-habilitation and mobility rather than aesthetics as longevity in the sector of your health to me is your most valuable asset. 

I enjoy training my clients with a precise, professional and holistic approach, and am constantly pushing them and myself to the limitations we have formed over ourselves.


1 on 1 sessions

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1 on 1 Sessions (at Virgin Active)

Sessions are one hour in duration and start at R500 per session.

Groups are R300 per person. (Up to 4 people)

Online Coaching

Online programs are R1000 ($100USD) per month- more details here:

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