As I mentioned in my last blog, for the last 3 years I have struggled with transitioning from fitness athlete/cover model to life coach.  I am on a spiritual and mental journey now, and my body is coming along for the ride, not the other way around. 

Sometimes you don’t know what your destiny is until you are looking back at it. You see, I had been becoming this person all long and with my faith and sheer determination I always stck to my gt, and followed my passions, even when times were shitty.  

And it happened in a moment. I was sitting at home editing this website, and the feeling of not knowing who I am NOW, at 29, or what I wanted this brand to be was still in the pit of my stomach, and I was listening to Podcasts and studying courses online since I have online clients I am on my computer a lot and have my own schedule right, so I do a lot of learning during the day and study a lot- and I listen to Podcasts a lot. I stumbled upon a Podcast by Brooke Castillo, and she talks about being a life coach. And I swear to you guys it hit me like a train, all of my life I have been training for this job and I had no idea. I sat there, open mouthed with a soapy dish in my hand staring at the window, like, I have been training for this my whole life without knowing.

I studied sciences for my first 2 years in university while I was a lifeguard AND worked at Future shop selling computers. I also started training then because university made me gain weight. (The freshman 15 you know!) anyways, I wanted to get into medicine. I wanted to study medicine since I was very young. I always wanted to be a doctor.  And then I started volunteering in a hospital. GUYS, it was not what I thought. I had been training and working out by this point for a  few months, and like most things I do, I research them extensively. I left Future Shop and started working at a gym, and my love for health and fitness started. I couldn’t study medicine because it didn’t vibe with my values. I am not about prescribing pills and emergency medicine, I wanted PREVENTATIVE medicine. DUH! so I became a trainer, to start. The plan was to look into holistic medicine later in life. (And who knows, I may still)! I switched my studies to world religions and marketing in university, and started my own company at 19. The company took off, and I was helping women all across Winnipeg and dominating the fitness industry and it was great.

You see, even my childhood was preparing me for life coaching. I am the oldest of 4 kids, all of us are completely different from each other, I traveled a lot as a kid and experienced different cultures, all kinds of different people, experienced poverty and wealth, experienced so many different things, then fitness taught me so much about mental strength, and al of these things laid a solid foundation to helping others. I have always had an ability to look at things from an objective point of view, and my personality type is very logical I see things from a different point of view as opposed to emotional (most of the time).

its funny where we find inspiration if we are open to it. More often than not, when you think you’re lost and sad, you’re in the most important period of your life. Every time I was ‘lost’ I was actually being led by God/the universe to my purpose. That was my gut, and I just followed it and now we’re here!

So, 2018! Can you believe it!

This whole last month (Jan 2018) I was sick for about 18 days. It was the sickest I have ever been. And, it was completely my fault. I have been abusing my body since I haven’t had any real motivation to be in shape. You see, my IDEA of ‘shape’ and health was directly reflected from the ‘smallest’ I was. And I KNOW, that for me to get back into the shape I was, is impossible now because I am not willing to do what I did then. That wasn’t healthy and I don’t want to do that. I don’t feel like committing that much time and money and effort RIGHT NOW, to do that. I truly am happy just enjoying my life. BUT, I wasn’t focused on my health. Yes I still train and I do some cardio and eat healthy, but I also drank and still didn’t sleep properly and didn’t make drinking water a priority. Alcohol and I have never had a healthy relationship, but I couldn’t really drink when I competed, so when I stopped three years ago it was a free for all. I didn’t have those years of 19-26 years old to really experiment with my alcohol or learn my limits, so I kind of have been learning them later in life. And basically, my body hates alcohol. My mouth loves it though. So I have been finding my definition of sobriety and it is somewhere in the middle. My limit is basically 3 drinks but once I have had 3 drinks I lose the tiny amount of inhibition I have and stop caring. The struggle right? Well, when my health gave out, that was the very necessary rock floor that I needed to turn my HEALTH around. I have been in my head so much I have ignored the one thing that started me on this journey in the first place.

Change is hard in general, but this one was easy. I knew something was off. I mean, I am an intelligent person, I can do anything I put my mind to. So, why can’t I make the decision to just STOP drinking? well, there are many reasons. 1, like I said, I enjoy it. It’s fun. My friends all drink. 2, Cape town is a WINE HEAVEN, and it 

I won’t call it sobriety just yet, but I will call it working on my relationship. And the same way I have self control with my diet, sometimes I will get out of hand. But I am learning and I am being honest with you, so I will keep you posted! 

Self Control is defined differently to each person.

To me, I am eating healthy Monday to Friday, training every day, and IF I feel like alcohol on the weekend I will, but not every weekend. I wake up every morning and look at Signal Hill, and smile. At least I am in a beautiful city! And waking up NOT hungover, HUGE BONUS!

If you think you may be having issues with self control, be it alcohol or food, here are some points below that I really had to dig deep and reflect on when I was first contemplating making a change.

1)  Hangovers get worse and worse, and you wake up not really knowing what happened the night before, for me more than once a month was when I started realizing it was affecting my life.

2)   I started noticing that I was craving alcohol / food during emotional periods, so I recognized that it was emotional eating and drinking, which can become uncontrollable.

3)  I was WANTING to make changes but felt helpless to them. For example, I would commit to not drinking before going out and then would not be able to limit it to 1. Which is an issue I never had when competing, so I thought and justified my drinking with the fact that I was going through a hard time or whatever. I will say this was the hardest thing to break, because I had to just stop going out for a bit and not have anything at all, but after 1 month it is super easy now.

4)  When going out, if I was bored (which is often because I have the attention span of a goldfish) I would drink to NOT be bored. Spoiler: bad idea. I suggest just being aware of this, handle the boredom and limit your drink to 1 per hour.


6)  LASTLY, honestly, live your life. If you are enjoying it and not hurting your BODY or your MENTAL STATE like I was, then you should be okay. If your friends, family and finances aren’t being affected because of your drinking or eating, then you should be ok.

Here’s to embracing change. We are always going to have challenges but if we can embrace those challenges and overcome our difficulties then that is where we’re going to find peace. It’s not what we go through in life, but how we go through life.  I have always and will always encourage others to learn from my mistakes, discuss things openly and help others as many as I can. Cheers to openness! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Andreasmith_0990@live.com

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