Please understand while I am extra, I am not exaggerating, and I do not recommend something unless I actually found it useful.  I am not making any money  recommending these products so these are truly things I used!

While I really appreciated the ‘basic baby’ lists, with the 10 things you need to prepare for a baby, I felt that was just not enough. I had no friends close to me have a baby before me, and I felt SOOO not ready. I knew I had to make a plan.

I like lists. I like to prepare, and by the time baby got here I felt VERY prepared with stuff. (Mentally nope but I was stocked).

I realise this is a lot so if you get overwhelmed easily just look at the basic lists on Pinterest and leave it at that! But this list is a full layette of everything I got, didn’t get, and wish I got with some commentary. Enjoy!

My maternity must haves:

Belly butter and Bio Oil- fun fact, I didn’t put bio oil or stretch cream on my boobs in the first trimester because they weren’t growing much, and I got stretch marks on my boobs. Bio oil your whole body, from day one, please listen to me! I know a few moms who used coconut oil and olive oil, if you want to go a more natural route.

Candies to have in your purse! and in your desk! and in your car! (Especially first trimester but some people are sick the whole way through and candy can help get the gross taste out of your mouth).

Panado / Tylenol / whatever your doctor says you can have for headaches, have it on hand, but you probably won’t use it anyway because you will be scared and this is totally normal. But I had a killer headache once and had to.

Crackers – first trimester ESPECIALLY!

Disposable breast pads. I like lansinoh or pigeon (thin and big, not thick) You can also get or make re-usable and washable ones.

Maternity clothes– ok so I thought I wouldn’t need any because it was summer and I have huge flowy dresses because that’s my style, and I still really needed maternity stuff. It just makes sense, make the investment get a few statement pieces and some comfy maternity tights, it’s worth it. Don’t stretch out your clothes, just get a 2-3 outfits worth.

Preggy pillow–  I myself didn’t love mine, I much preferred stuffing pillows everywhere so I got 4 nice soft pillows and put them wherever I wanted depending how I wanted to sleep. But, I do know most mamas use their pillows a lot if even just on the couch. Worth getting but worth testing out if you can.

Nipple cream– again, I think Lansinoh is the best

Mommy friendly teas– low caffeine/caffeine free herbal teas

Brewer’s yeast to put in some oats/cookies if you need milk production- it helps! I ate these in my last month before giving birth and I had loads of milk.

Vitamin C tablets

Gatorade or other rehydrate drinks/sachets

Rescue drops

Nursing bras or large soft comfy non underwire bras. Your tats will not want to sit in an underwire bra, the comfier the better, trust!

Comfy shoes– not surprisingly your feet hurt so its important to get something comfy! I didn’t see comfy shoes on a lot of maternity lists, but you will need some! Flip flops do not cut it either!

Preg friendly heartburn meds. Get one to have on hand, then when you realise you need it almost every single day you can go stock up on more.

Belly belt– I used this a lot in my third trimester and it helped when I was walking long distances or training. I am very strong and have a strong core, so I cannot imagine someone who has a weak core how much their backs must hurt! These belly bands help so much keeping everything off your lower back. Definitely saved me!

Vitamin B6– I had horrible morning sickness, did some research, took B6 on top of my pregnancy multi, and my morning sickness subsided a little. Was a must for me.

Epsom salts

Compression socks (especially near the end when you are swelling)

The Flo or Ovia app (Download this)

What to Expect app (Download this)

The Wonder Weeks (Download this and get ready to use it once baby comes).

Baby powder in summer for the chaffing and sweating (its real)—Baby powder also doubles as dry shampoo! And if you want to stay away from the chemicals of dry shampoo (which my doc said was unnecessary but I have heard mixed reviews) you can always do that, which I did

Huge comfy cotton underwear. Stretchy, soft, and huge. Key.

Get near the end of the pregnancy:

Natural birth? get a donut

Make or buy perineal packs. (natural birth)

Disposable mesh undies (extra) for hospital or ask for extra while you are there. you will need.

Maternity pads (hospital may give to you but I got extra and am glad I did)

Buy normal pads for medium to light flow (2 packs)

Dulcolax or stool softener (maternity friendly of course)

Breastfeeding pillow

Breast soothers / ice packs – I needed these.

Things I will probably get next time:

Heart rate monitor (doppler) for baby only because I had issues with Troy and will be more aware and concerned the second time around. In the third trimester when you are supposed to keep track of their movements, they can go quiet sometimes which will make you panic so if you can hear their heart beat it will be unbelievably reassuring!

Maternity underwear and more Maternity clothes

A bigger better preggy pillow that I actually love

Natural deodorant, hair products and face wash– I didn’t make this switch this pregnancy but I did start using more natural products after Troy was born and I can’t say I noticed a huge difference but I know a lot of moms make this switch. Again, my doc said not necessary.

Rocking chair– I didn’t have room for one but I wish I did!

Hospital bag

Heres what I packed for myself:

Belly binder ( in two sizes, medium and large, which was useful because the large only fitted me for one week then I fit into the medium so it’s your call here but you can probably just wait until you fit the one you have, go for a smaller fit and wait until you fit in it if you don’t want to get both)

Robe– one warm one cool. I am so glad I packed the warm one, the drugs and adrenaline made me cold and hospitals I find are usually cold.

Breast pads

Nursing bra

Vitamin C

Button up night gowns or very low V neck ones that you can pop your boob out of. You are going to be whipping your boobs out  a lot so much you really ought to have nursing pyjamas or button up pjs or just wear a robe like I did!

Champagne– ok I didn’t actually pack champagne my friends brought me some, and don’t judge me but it was the BEST thing to have a day after baby was here because it felt like a celebration and that is exactly what it is.

Not a must but a fun maternity addition- those water bottles that you can put fruit in, infusion bottles, I liked those and water bottles that keep your water nice and cold or hot- loved that too. You need to carry water around with you especially in the summer, water is crucial during pregnancy so may as well get a fun water bottle!

Alcohol free wine or beers- sample a few and pick one you like, these made a big difference for me throughout Christmas and the holidays I really enjoyed being able to feel like I was still participating in some way.

And there you have it!

Remember that I am not a gynaecologist and my doctor will recommend different things to your doctor, if you ever feel unsure just ask your OBGYN!

You got this, mama!

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