Hospital bag must haves:

Here’s what I packed in my hospital bag, what I used, didn’t and what I want to bring next time.

Note- I had an emergency C-section so my perspective will be different than a natural birth list! This is what I plan to bring next time. I fortunately was somewhat prepared and had a few things packed, but because my baby was 4 weeks early AND I was a first time mom so I had no idea what I was doing.

So I packed a big bag that had a separate side of the bag and I used that side for baby. So instead of packing two bags, I packed one that had two sections. You can pack two if you like, though!

By the time we left the hospital we had 100 bags, and 100 flowers to take home. This was not fun or easy- truly, I would rather have friends bring the stuff to my house but they won’t SO, bring an extra empty bag to take gifts home with.


  • Comfy & huge robe
  • Pyjamas- but I recommend button up ones, anything easy to take your boob out quickly with.
  • Comfy slippers with shoe bottom (non-slippery) and socks
  • Slip on shoes and flip flops
  • Labour stuff: lip chap, hair ties, socks, robe (vaginal birth). 
  • Clothes- obviously. In particular, dark stuff (especially for natural labour). Baby spit, breast milk, blood. 
  • I packed underwear and some stuff for my husband just in case he stayed over, which he did end up doing. Thank goodness for that because he prepared approximately zero things 🙂 (Again, to be fair, baby was a month early)
  • Toiletry bag- everyone’s different so you know what to pack there! Shampoo, Conditioner, deodorant, face wash, hair brush, toothbrush, tooth paste,make up remover, make up, etc. You do you girlfriend whatever you want to feel pretty/normal
  • Hair ties / hair clips, moisturizer, Dry shampoo.
  • Nursing bra
  • Breastfeeding bag- Nipple cream, pump, breast pads breast soother pads, nursing pillow, pump & pump bra. I didn’t use the pump or pump bra, but if you’re a first time mom, ask the nurse/lactation specialist how to use it.
  • Number for a lactation specialist- seriously, have numbers and people ready to call, because breastfeeding
  • Go home outfit (I opted for a flowy dress)
  • Huge comfy underwear
  • Belly wrap/belly binder
  • Flip flops
  • I took a binder with Troy’s info and photo copies of important stuff, all the paperwork, birth plan, everything – will do a separate blog post on what was in my binder also!
  • Huge underwear. Next time I will bring high waisted spandex type underwear- felt nice on the scar and kept everything tight which helps with the pain
  • Drug bag- Again, next time- stool softener, pain meds, multivitamins, etc- used it to put all my drugs from the hospital in there. (another toiletry bag).
  • Nursing cover ( I just used a baby blanky but to be honest I didnt cover myself really at the hospital my boobies were seen by many hahaha)
  • Vaginal birth moms: perineal spray, donut, and perineal packs. 
  • iphone charger, camera, charger.
  • Gum, mint, snacks, juice,



  • Car seat
  • 2 Swaddles / swaddle sack
  • Baby hat and mits
  • Extra baby blanky
  • Mirror for the back seat so you can see the baby in the back seat but mom will probably sit in the back with baby anyway so, your call.
  • One outfit in size newborn, one outfit in size 2-4 months, and if  you are like me and have a tiny baby, premie size! We didnt pack premature size but wish I did!  note: Some people pack just pyjamas and some people pack a cute outfit to take baby home in for photo ops. I packed a bunch of cute outfits and ended up using none of them because I was rushed and tired but next time I will.
  • Pacifier – I introduced paci to him only after a few weeks. So take one if you want to. 



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