I am sleeping less right now than I ever have in my ENTIRE life.

And I’ve had many nights out until early morning. But I somehow have more energy than I ever have.

Why? Why then when I was sleeping more than ever (2017) was I tired? Its called burnout.

Here’s what I think about burn out. We all have heard this word. But I don’t think it’s just being tired from over working and not sleeping. Your soul is tired. It’s not being fed.

I think burnout comes from emotions. NOT work. I love my work. It is fear of lacking finances & doing work on the SIDE that you HAVE to do out of obligation. It’s hanging out with people you don’t want to. It’s doing things that drain you. It’s your brain that gets tired. If you learn to love what you do, you’ll never face burn out.

If you’re feeling burnt out- you need to find your fuel. You need to find your soul food.

We as humans can endure a lot. We can actually do incredible things. All of us can. If you’re feeling burnout you don’t need a bubble bath and chocolate. You need to make some changes in your daily life.

Some things that help:

Learn about minimalism and declutter- throw away or donate all of the stuff you don’t use. Delete apps and photos from your phone. Take that huge box of keepsakes and condense it into a scrapbook.

If you don’t like your job, think about changing it or changing your attitude towards it. Ask for a change. Decorate your desk differently.

Cut down your expenses.

Do things you love. Dance, paint, read, whatever.

Set goals.

Learn to train and eat healthy.

And lastly, but most importantly, practice gratitude. Being grateful for right now and what we already have is the single most powerful thing I have learned in 2019. Take a moment as often as you can to just be grateful for what you have.




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