Hi, I’m Andrea, and I like lists.


I like to make ‘to-do’ lists, excel spreadsheets, to-buy lists, and anything that involves making little check marks to check off things you’ve done after.  Nuts? I know. When I am stressed out or feeling like I am losing a bit of control, which I definitely felt especially during my first pregnancy, I made a massive binder full of information, to do lists, and below is the updated version that I have put together now in my second pregnancy, of everything I thought was important to do during pregnancy! I love nesting, I love making my house a more efficient space, and I love de-cluttering. Here is a giant list- I was going to make a list ‘per trimester’ but I find every mom feels comfortable preparing at different times- some moms like to get everything done as soon as possible so they can relax in the third trimester, and some only wait until the third trimester to get things ready. It’s totally up to you! Here’s my to do list!

Nesting time:

  • Antenatal classes. I did these in the first pregnancy, and it was a nice thing to do with my partner, but I don’t think I needed to do them considering the amount of reading I did. It was a cool place to meet other couples having babies around the same time as you, though! So for that, it was worth it
  • Pelvic floor exercises- look these up, and do them. There are even apps. Do this the whole pregnancy.
  • Maternity clothes- unless you plan on stretching out all of your clothing, do consider getting some maternity clothes as soon as your clothing starts to get tight! (Check out my Maternity Must-haves HERE)
  • Download helpful pregnancy apps. (Expectful, what to expect, Flo, etc). 
  • Bio oil / moisturising routine – stretch marks are a part of pregnancy, and there’s nothing wrong with them, but moisturising can help. Every time you get out of the shower, and/or every night, I suggest bio oil and cocoa butter. 
  • Make the switch to more natural deodorant 
  • Make a baby list name- this is a fun date night thing to do with your partner! 
  • Announcement- Do you want to do a cute announcement? Plan that too!
  • Gender? Gender reveal? Decide what you want to do to announce that or not!
  • Depending what city you live in, you will want to look in to child care / daycare options early, or hiring a nanny. It helped us to budget and prepare for when it happened and it was worth it!
  • Maternity leave / work 
  • Baby shower
  • Take maternity photos
  • Renovations- time to get the house ready for the ultimate house guest! Anything that needs fixing, any furniture or shelves that needs to be bolted down, some baby proofing, putting some curtains up, doing the nursery, and my favourite- de-cluttering!
  • Get all the baby furniture, baby stuff, and baby nursery organised so that its all done before baby comes
  • De-clutter! Go through all of your clothes, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, and get rid of things you don’t need or use. I find that it’s best to go room by room.
  • Deep clean the entire house- bathrooms, baseboards, walls, scrub the floors, have the curtains and carpets deep cleaned, etc. 
  • A spa day. Listen, it’s essential, ok? This is one of the best things to do as a preggy mom! Go for a nice prenatal massage, a wax, get your hair done, get a mani pedi, all of it. I did this at week 30/31 when I was starting to be uncomfortable, and then again at week 37
  • Prepare the hospital bag (Click HERE)
  • Prepare the first aid kit (I made a mini one for the diaper bag and an extensive one for home) – there is a picture below of an awesome first aid kit that I got off of Pinterest, from something called HelloBee.
  • Write out your birth plan. I had (still have) a baby binder, that has all of my lists, medical info, and everything so it was all in there – but, honestly, I would say don’t get your heart set on one way or another, because at the end of the day, baby will plan how things go. Make sure you do as much research as possible, know your options, know your rights, and just be open to whatever happens!
  • Tour the hospital- this was worth it, I enjoyed seeing where I was going to be staying.
  • Make a playlist- I made a birthing playlist (which I never used, but I love relaxing music anyway, so I used it but not to birth- just to listen to in hospital). 
  • Lactation cookies and cookie dough- I made a bunch of lactation cookies, and dough, and froze them all and really enjoyed eating them throughout the first few weeks of breastfeeding!
  • Freezer meals- I didn’t make a lot of these, but the ones I did make were super helpful. Now with baby number two on the way, we are going to order pre-made meals instead. 
  • Stock up on snacks 
  • Book and plan newborn photo shoot
  • I made a car kit. I used a big tupperware container (or you could use an old bag) and just have extra diapers, wipes, and clothing in there. This actually did some in handy one day when we were out and ran out of diapers from the diaper bag and it was so worth it even just for that one time. 
  • Wash all the baby clothes in baby friendly washing powder (basically look for something hypoallergenic, something with no perfumes) and sort it all by size. I put the smallest stuff together (Newborn) away and in the drawers ready to go, and sort the rest by 1-3 months, 3-6 months, etc. Make suser are organisedand ready to go
  • Sanitise all the baby toys and gear. (Bottles, dummies, toys, and everything else).
  • Set up the baby’s room- the bassinet, the changing station, the baby monitor, the white noise machine and the mobile
  • Set up the baby changing table with your diapers, wipes and bum cream
  • Find a paediatrician, make sure you like him or her
  • Organise a section in the kitchen for baby stuff
  • Organise a section in the bathroom for baby towels, wash cloths, baby bath and baby wash
  • Put breastfeeding station / basket together (Basically I just put together some snacks, pump, bottles, nipple cream, storage bags and extra breast pads in a basket and carried it around with me wherever I was breastfeeding)
  • Install the carseat
  • Download some ‘labour’ and newborn apps! Things that time contractions, things you can track your breastfeeding and other things on.
  • Have the discussion with family and friends about post partum depression, establishing boundaries, and have a plan of action just in case 
  • In your awesome baby binder (which you totally are going to make because I gave you this awesome idea) you are going to print and keep information on important things that you can quickly look up whenever you need to. A list of emergency numbers is a good idea- lactation specialists, the paediatrician, your gynae, nearest hospitals, friends and things like that.  
  • Bonus- stock up on household essentials. I stocked up on tooth paste, toilet paper, coffee, soap, wine, you know … essentials!




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