Welcome to Ambition Women! My name is Andrea, but everyone calls me Dre.

I have been changing lives through health and wellness for 11 years. I have a long time love for health, fitness and self love. I incorporate life coaching principles along with what I have learned as a long time personal trainer and health coach. Health is everything, and that is the focus for all of my programs.

HEALTHY is going out for dinner and not complaining that you feel ‘failed’ the next day. Healthy is making decisions that fit into your life, not revolving your life around your food. Healthy is maintaining and forming healthy relationships, (healthy relationships with Yourself and your creator/soul). It’s about treating your body right and eating things that make you feel GREAT. A healthy body is only a part of the journey. A healthy mind and healthy soul are just as (if not more) important!

You REALLY do not need to eat chicken or fish and broccoli all day long to lose weight.

Let me show you how.

I started Ambition Women because I know that weight loss and getting fit is so much more than a nutrition program and workout regime.  Programs that encompass your entire being and involve reflecting on your life and habits have a much better success rate.

Thanks for visiting Ambition Women, you are welcome here!

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