This summer and every summer from here on, we aren’t allowing anyone else to dictate how we feel or what we should wear.

This is for everyone who’s ever felt like they weren’t good enough. To everyone who’s ever felt like they didn’t deserve to look and feel good. For everyone who’s ever sat in the shower crying because they don’t recognise themselves anymore. For every woman who’s been told by others what size THEY think she looks best at. For every woman who’s been told they’d be prettier if they were skinnier, or more muscular, or less muscular. For every woman who’s gone clothing shopping only to leave the mall in tears. For every mom who has looked down at her stretch marks and stomach and then felt guilty for being sad about it. For everyone who’s had someone say “you should see how good she used to look” when you meet people. For every single person who’s been made to feel less than because of your body, please believe me when I say….  I know how you feel. Life is so precious and so short. Don’t live in the shadows of other people’s expectations for one more second. If you want to make a change, do it. If you want to learn to love the skin you’re in, do that. There’s no right way or wrong way to look, there’s only a wrong way to BE, and that’s being judgemental or hateful towards others or yourself.

Your worth doesn’t come from other peoples opinions. You have more to offer than a body.

We’re having a beach party and you’re invited! Here are some images from our November event. Aren’t these fearless women amazing?

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