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Moving forward, together.

Welcome to the life coaching page!
If you are here, it means you have an inkling in your heart and soul, that you deserve and can have more from life. 

Where to start?

Well, here is a good place to start!

The basis of my life coaching principles are built on health and self love, and working first & foremost on developing and cultivating the relationship with yourself. I have found in my 12 years as a coach that when we approach health as an all encompassing journey, putting self love at the centre, magical changes start to happen. 

I have created a detailed 6 model Awaken series that helps you explore and easily incorporate these in to your daily life. We work on these 6 concepts together, covering all the basics of life coaching.

Using my various backgrounds and certifications  in fitness, nutrition, and life coaching, we approach Life Coaching in an all encompassing and holistic way.

There are 3 topics to which the program is individually customised, though, to help you go deeper in / improve. We will discuss this on our free initial call, and will revolve the calls around that. Using the 6 step model we will work on vastly improving one (and all) of these areas:

Focus Topics:

1) Career

2) Relationships

3) Health & wellness


Are you looking for more fulfilment in your career?

Are you unsure if your career is right for you and thinking about switching, but have no idea how? 
Are you looking to grow your online business and set out distinct, amazing goals but not sure where to start?
This specific career program is perfect for anyone who is at that place in their lives where their focus is on a fulfilling and wonderful career, and we work on manifesting every single thing you want so that it comes to fruition!

Whether you are new to the career world or have been in this game for 40+ years, I know we will be able to set exact goals, work to your full potential, and make monumental changes to your life that will help you not only increase your income and build your dream career but bring you inner peace and purpose at the same time. I am here to keep you accountable, girl!  
It’s time to do this thing!


Relationship coaching helps people find more joy and satisfaction in their personal relationships, and/or working on manifesting the relationship of your dreams.

Your partner isn’t really required for most of this, since the work done here is mainly on the self, and loving yourself more first and foremost.

There are some relationship workbooks and questionnaires that your partner can fill out with you, but the coaching calls and specific program is for you and you only. Of course, your partner can also do this program once you have finished if you would like! During the Awaken program with a focus on relationships, we take a look at your life as a whole, handiwork on deepening and nurturing your relationship with your partner, and most importantly, yourself.

Please note- you don’t even need to be in a relationship to focus on the relationship section during your program! If you are finding yourself unable to attract the right people, this can definitely help you! Everyone deserves earth-shattering, life changing love, let me help you get out of your own way to attract the relationship of your dreams.

Much of relationship coaching involves going inwards, and pushing through your own blockages that are preventing you from truly allowing love in. Working on self love and self worth help a significant amount in relationships.

Health Coaching

I am sure you have heard the saying ‘healthy is a state of mind’ before, but few people know what that really means. I have been a nutrition and fitness expert for many years and I found that without health coaching and life coaching, a healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise is pretty hard to maintain. Health coaching is perfect for those who have tried many different methods to getting in to a healthier lifestyle, those who struggle with binge disorder or under eating, those who want to be healthy but can not figure out what they are doing wrong. When we cover health coaching in life coaching calls, we examine the body and mind and soul as a whole, and work together to come up with a completely new lifestyle that is maintainable, balanced, and effective- long term. 



What are my options?

For those of you new to Life Coaching, I highly recommend the Awaken program. 

You can also book a free 20 minute consultation to discuss what options would be best for you and to see if we work well together. 


1 on 1 Zoom (or in person) Sessions

  • R400 ($40 CAD) Per Zoom Call
  • R500 ($50 CAD) Per 1 on 1 in-person session
  • This service would be recommended for someone who has already completed the Awaken program or someone who has a specific area they want to dive in to. These calls are customised for each person, and includes access to relevant e-books depending on the topic you want to cover. Topics include self love at the base, but we focus on improving either career, relationships or health and wellness. 
    *Former Awaken clients receive a 15% discount on the above prices



Awaken Program

  •  R6500 ($650CAD)
  • A 6 month all-inclusive program
  • Includes everything below, and 6 one-hour coaching calls
  • We have been challenged to our limit in 2020 and this program is a complete renovation, a re-set.  Each chapter is designed and put in a particular order to build your base and work your way up. These are all of the things you will need to begin your awakening journey, working on yourself from the inside out.

There are 6 chapters to this program. These books were created in 2017, and have been added to and edited many times since then. They encompass body, mind and soul in a very holistic and enriching way. 


Nurture me

  • In this chapter we cover lifestyle, macronutrients and proteins, diet culture, emotional and disordered eating, portions, and conscious eating.
  • We go over different types of diets that you may or may not have heard of, and why diets work but not long term.
  • 32 questions to help you digest the material and create your own healthy nutrition guide.
  • After this chapter once you have sent me back all of your answered questions, I will e-mail you back with feedback on what to include in your program / help you create or edit your own nutrition program! 

Move me

  • In this chapter we go over body types, strength training, how long to work out for, weight loss vs. fat loss, gym etiquette, and different types of training and stretching styles.
  • There are at home workouts included to do at your own convenience! 
  • Follow along with the workout program included or use the exercise guide to create your own! 
  • 15 questions and some homework (exercise and stretching)

Know me 

  • The focus of this chapter is to learn more about self awareness and yourself. We go over personality types and there are 100 questions to help you think bout your past, who you are, and where you want to go.
  • We cover journaling and affirmations, how to start your own journal, and goal setting book (to be completed in this chapter). 
  • We go over the health wheel and then there are some more questions/homework in regards to getting to know yourself deeper. With this info, we can go much more deeply in to your topic of choice.  

Love me

  • This is one of the most in depth and fundamental chapters, because I truly believe that self love is the basis for most important things in life (like career, relationships, and health) at the base of these things requires a healthy self respect and self love. In order to succeed we need to feel worthy and love ourselves, believe in ourselves and our capabilities, and this chapter is definitely perfect for working on that. There are self love exercises and questions, and journal prompts. 

Connect me

  • This chapter focuses on connection with yourself, those around you, and the universe. We cover the basics of the 8 aspects to connection, meditation, complete with questions and homework. 

Awaken me 

  • The final chapter of this program, is of course, awakening. In this chapter we cover topics like: role models and aspirations, karma and dharma, and 10 awakening pillars to practice. We discuss the importance of raising your vibrations, and ways to do that. There are a few different breathing exercises and some more questions and reading materials about the awakening process. 


Also Included: 

All e-books for all 6 chapters of Awaken

I am also including the goal setting, gratitude and resilience books in this program, as they are perfectly fitting for the purpose of this program. That’s 3 free work books!  

How it works:

Each time you have completed the questions in the booklet for one chapter, you send them back to me, and I will come up with the content for our next call and after every call I will include homework for you to do, tasks and work books-according to your goals of course. The one hour calls are completely and 100% customised to your initial goals that we will go over in call 1. 

*IF you feel that you need some more 1 on 1 personal coaching calls, the price for those is above, but you will receive a discount after you have completed this program. 
**Payments can also be split up in to 2 or 3 payments.






"Andrea is absolutely amazing at what she does. I was feeling in a black hole with my business and within 30 minutes - she offered perspective, challenged me and motivated me to conquer my fears and own it. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is struggling in business or life!"


"Wow... all I can say is thank you. Dreia has not only gotten me on path of healthy living and eating but acceptance of who I am as a person. Its not always about what the scale says at times its about how you appreciate and accept your body and reward it with a healthier way of life. To food plans, workouts and motivation Dreia has helped me overcome a lot and i am happier and healthier for it. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and cannot wait to journey into new programs with her ❤"

Meg E.

“I’ve known Dreia for just over a year and we have become pretty great friends during that time. That’s why it was really natural speaking with her about my life goals and the direction I wanted to take for my life. I had just recently left my job as an attorney and found myself a bit unsure of the next step. Dreia and I sat down for about hour and we completed a goal setting exercise which really helped me map out what I really wanted to achieve over the next five years. I found the exercise really useful and have even begun the journey to completing a few of the short term goals we have set for myself. The session was really useful and I would highly recommend Dreia as a life coach. She is able to help you compartmentalize what’s important and what isn’t and then help you see a clear path to achieving your goals. I’m so glad I met Dreia and I am super grateful for our session”.

Tracey-Lee .

"My journey started with Awaken and I was in a place where I thought I knew myself and my limits but was looking for some fresh inspiration and guidance. The beginning chapters really challenged me to think about how I was living my life and why I was doing things in the way that I was. I was forced to answer questions that really challenged and pushed me. The overall result of these chapters was that I began to realise that there were certain aspects of my life that I was neglecting and would never have been able to see this without the programme. It was these areas that were standing in my way of success. Following this, the last couple chapters show you HOW to deal with these issues in your life and how to improve your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Awaken takes a biopsychosocial approach to improving your life and it truly has provided me with fresh motivation, inspiration, ideas and overall ambition and determination. I really cant thank Ambition Online enough for the amount of personal growth I have experienced in the last couple weeks."


"This program came into my life at the exact time I needed it! I was eating well and working out regularly, but I just KNEW there was something more there- something deeper that needed to be addressed. Enter Awaken. This program walks you through each stage of self love and understanding. Some chapters are easy- because who hasn’t thought about healthy eating and exercise a million times? But some chapters are harder- things you’ve never thought about or even intentionally ignored about yourself. You will learn which “chapter” of self love is your next hurdle- and learn to jump right over it! The weekly calls with Andrea are motivating and encouraging, yet they feel just as easy as catching up with a good friend. The questions in the chapters force you to really think about YOU- your life, your values, your beliefs, and your goals. It truly encompasses caring for the whole self- mind, body, and soul."


"When I started the Awaken program, I was not sure what to expect. Working with Andrea whom Ive never met before in person has been only the utmost pleasure. Andrea is skilled, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Her passion and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients are clearly visible in every phone call and every single message of encouragement . The Awaken program teaches you how to live a happy meaningful life, and suggests sensible and practical ways to tackle issues. The program and Andrea shows you that you can still have the body that you have always wanted and most of all enjoy your food and workouts. It sets the foundation for a new healthier lifestyle. As a mom of two girls it’s important to show them from a young age that a healthy lifestyle is manageable. We can still enjoy our food and make the right choices without feeling guilty. Through her program Andrea has showed me how to clarify my own priorities and better recognize the obstacles in my path. This program is a must for every mom out there that wants to achieve her goals, that wants to be a happy healthy fit mom and ultimately the best version of yourself. Becoming one with yourself and everything around you."


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