Lifestyle Challenge 2020

Interested in changing your life but you don’t know where to start?


Welcome to the Ambition Lifestyle Challenge!

What is a lifestyle challenge anyway?

    I don’t know about you but for me 2019 was a difficult and crazy year! Something about it though was inspiring, awakening and stirred something in the soul. It’s definitely time for a change, and I think 2020 is the time to do it!  
    This lifestyle challenge is designed with the intention to slowly but very effectively do an overhaul of your current lifestyle, habits, set some goals and improve your overall outlook on life.
    We begin by filling out a goal setting book. You then follow a 10 day kickstart, followed by a nutrition program and workout program. If you are in the Southern Suburbs program then you get the super awesome bonus of seeing me three times a week for a butt kicking! 
    There are no extreme diets with boring food, and there are no unrealistic workout programs. Everything is made with long term weight loss as the end goal. The focus of this challenge is not weight loss, and it is not appearance focused. Although you more than likely will lose a solid amount of weight, the other effects like the mental shift, the increase in overall fitness and positive outlook on life. 
    The goal of the challenge is to take our lives, shake them up, and make them so much more fulfilling, fun, healthy and purposeful. 


What’s Included?

Southern Suburbs (Cape Town):

  • 3 Outdoor workouts per week, at 6:30PM. Monday Wednesday and Friday. From 13 of Jan to 6th of March. (24 classes)
  • Custom nutrition plan made for you
  • Recipe e-book included
  • Goal setting e-book included
  • 10 day Kickstart included (So you can start at the beginning of Jan if you like, or whenever you feel like starting)
  • Workouts to do on the days we don’t have class
  • Self love photoshoot at the end of March 2020
  • Prizes (Cash and much more)

R2700 including everything!

Notes: Limited spaces available.

Classes will be weather dependent, but if there is ever a cancelled class there will be a workout to do at home or at the gym as an alternative.

Payment arrangements can be made if needed, just discuss it with me. 



  • 10 day Kickstart included 
  • Goal setting e-book included
  • Recipe e-book included
  • Custom nutrition
  • Custom workouts
  • App access (completely customised)
  • Prizes (Cash prize to be sent by PayPal)
  • From mid January to the end of March 2020

R1500 ($150 CAD)

Notes: Limited spaces available.

Payment arrangements can be made if needed, just discuss it with me. 



Register by filling out the contact form down below!

Once you have registered, you will be filled a guidebook shortly after with instructions and payment details. 

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