All-Inclusive Lifestyle Coaching Monthly program




Our most successful and life changing program…. the CUSTOM Lifestyle program!

While e-books and pre made programs do have a purpose and are great for some, custom programs provide a level of results that pre made programs just can’t do.

What is the point of getting in shape if you aren’t also getting your mind in shape? In our opinion, there isn’t one!

Lifestyle coaching is an integrative approach to health and fitness. The definition of ‘health’ and ‘balance’ is different for not only every individual, but every family. It takes time to cultivate a healthy relationship with fitness, nutrition, and everything that comes along with that. The ultimate goal of Lifestyle Online Coaching is to help you (and your family, if applicable)  figure out what healthy means to you. We help you find your best, healthiest versions of yourselves through nutrition, workouts, and life coaching methods. 

The Lifestyle program is designed in such a way that we work together to build you a healthier lifestyle. This program is perfect for anyone who really needs a lifestyle overhaul- whether that be because you are tired of sitting in this binge restrict cycle, or tired of constantly dieting, tired of constantly starting ‘over again’ every week, or you just know you really need a change but don’t know where to start- that’s here. We work together to create something perfect for you.

There are 2 options for online monthly custom programs:


 All-Inclusive Lifestyle Coaching Monthly program: (Linked below)

  • App access
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Custom Nutrition
  • Custom Fitness Programs (Weights, Cardio, Stretching)
  • Unlimited communication
  • 2 Life Coaching sessions (1 hour each) per month
  • 8 one-on-one Personal Training (1 hour) Sessions per month (online video call).
  • Total = 10 online sessions per month
  • COST: $250 per month (R2500 per month) – it works out to $25 (R250) per session, app access and life coaching e-books are all included for free in this program!


Once you register, you receive the Guidebook automatically.


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