Downloadable GYM Programs (Guys)




These programs are perfect for anyone who is interested in a quality gym workout program.

This 3-part series includes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced workouts and another series for gym workouts. There is also women’s versions of all of these as well so have a browse around for those!

This program requires basic small gym equipment that are available at most gyms.

Each program is intended to be one month long. There are detailed workouts with variations to be done after 2 weeks, but workouts are only required for 4 days per week, and you pick the body part split. Cardio and core is also prescribed in this program.

We highly recommend you start with the beginner program first to build up the base and get the most out of this program. As you will see, the rep count will decrease per set for certain exercises and your weight load should increase, so if the workout is becoming too easy even with the weight increases per workout and per week, then you are ready for advanced. Keep track of your weights to track progress! I also recommend taking photos of yourself every couple of weeks to track progress.  

This program should be done for a minimum of one month. And of course, for best results, couple this program with healthy nutrition!

The beginner program focuses on building good mobility and endurance in both your type 1 and type 2 muscle fibres. Allowing for a functional and solid foundation through different movements and isolated strength conditioning techniques for each muscle and ligament connection within your body.

The Intermediate program is a focus on maximal strength conditioning and power output with strict form as well as increasing explosive power through compound movements. Meaning, you will increase the strength in your tendons, ligaments and have healthier and better functioning muscle and joints. Of course, you will naturally look and feel better too! A stronger muscle is a healthier muscle!

The advanced program works on overall strength and conditioning, taking you to the next level of fitness by increasing endurance and muscle size. The main focus is on shaping the body and stretching the fascia connective tissue, resulting in a better overall aesthetic look and quality of muscle.


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