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Here are some testimonials from our beautiful clients over the years, from all over the globe. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your fitness journey!

Please note, GRG or ‘Get Ready Girls’ was the name of Andrea’s company in Canada, which we then changed to Ambition Online.

“I would say growing up I was always average size and fairly active. When I was 20 I got pregnant with my 1st child. I was young and knew nothing about nutrition.  I gained 75lbs. I lost 1/2 of the weight when my daughter was born and kept the rest on throughout my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. I spent the rest of my 20s heavy. When I was close to 30 I decided to get the weight off with a very calorie restricted diet and 2 hours of walking every day.  I did it but I continued to struggle to keep it off. 


In 2014 I decided to go back to school to become a massage therapist. A LOT of studying and 6 months into school the freshman 15lbs found me. So it was back on the diet wagon for me. I start lifting weights and I LOVED it! Within a few months I was in the best shape of my life. I finished school the following year and we decided to have baby number 4.  


In March of 2105 I had my last child. I gained 83lbs with my beautiful baby Jackson. To say I was in love with him was an understatement but I HATED my body. 9 weeks later I was back in the gym and 40lbs down I made the decision to compete. I had a lot of peers say at my age I was “too old”. But I ignored the doubters did my research and started my training with Get Ready Girls (AO). 


I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I would have to put in the work and make some sacrifices. The meal plan was delicious food and easy to make. I was eating more than I was used to and not starving. The workout plan was challenging and I started seeing results FAST.  Not only that but the whole group of other girls prepping have been amazing. It’s like a second family that understands the unique challenges of what competing and prep hold. Not only am I now at at healthy weight and in great shape. I have found a passion for fitness and body building that I feel will be life long. I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for me. 


 I’m almost 40 and can finally say I am comfortable in my own skin”.

Carrie, from Canada.

I’m feeling SO MUCH more confident, and am learning to love myself.

“When I started with AO I was going through a bad case of hormone damage..

I was so uncomfortable and depressed about the way I looked and felt – and then I was saved by THEE fitness guru Andrea Wessels!!

After some time she has gotten my body and health back on track, I’m feeling SO MUCH more confident and am learning to love myself.

Things I thought would never be possible again. I thought competing for me was over, but with her guidance, I feel that I can do it again & come back stronger, better & healthier than ever before!

For a long while I wanted to join Ambition Online, then once given the opportunity – I didn’t even give it a second thought – uhh YES!!!

My journey since has been wonderful, the support from Andrea is incredible! She really stands for women empowerment & that’s only 1 of the reasons why she is a great role model. Not only is my body healthier but my mind as well.”
Kelly, South Africa

I can’t say thank you enough for all you both have done for me.
This is only the beginning of my fitness journey, and with these amazing people behind me I know I can achieve anything if I work for it!

“It still to this day blows my mind to look at these two pictures. These are two very different girls.

The first picture is the very beginning of my fitness journey. Growing up I was always very athletic, playing in school sports and always playing outside. I was always a fairly healthy kid, mostly thanks to my mom who was also at a young age a body builder.

I remember being 16, getting my first gym membership and lifting my first set of weights. I was immediately in love. Learning from online workouts, books and here and there from the gym trainers.
Fast forward a few years later, a few failed trainers, I stumbled upon GRG and THE Andrea smith.

The other differences between these two photos is lifestyle and choices.. Before I began with Dre and Daniel I had slowly started to develop unhealthy habits (like most 17 and 18 year olds) drinking, eating junk food, being too lazy for the gym. And that wasn’t me.. I knew that wasn’t me, something inside me had sparked, like a switch went off that I knew I had to get back to my healthy, goal driven self.

I came to their studio, not really clear on my goals or what I specifically wanted to work on, all I knew is I wanted to compete so bad. After trying some boot camps, it sparked even more motivation in me and the support from all the girls was so amazing and encouraging.
I began my first prep at the age of 19, after wanting to for a few years, and it was the most exciting thing ever. I already had a fit base to start with but Dre sculpted and shaped my body with her magic and it was insane how well she knew my body and what I needed at different times in my prep.

My first bikini show, although Dre and Dan weren’t even in Canada it felt like they were right they’re with me in the event, and even backstage. They were there for me all day and made sure I had everything I needed to succeed. I finished with second place which was amazing for my first show in my eyes.
This was all followed by my first off season as well.. I was not used to the weight gain which is inevitable after a show. I began to panic, after seeing myself at my leanest, to quickly gaining weight back, I remember almost having a few freak outs.
But one of the most amazing things about Dre is she has a way of putting me in check and keeping me sane  she reassured this was all normal, and that if I wanted to build and improve for my next show, it all had to happen!

Which brings me to my second, most recent show, provincials! Although it was only my second show, I have literally never worked so hard in my life.
Andrea and Dan gave me the privilege of being their sponsored athlete and it was and still is such an honour, I did not want to disappoint them.

Not only was I wanting to represent GRG, Dre and Dan well, I wanted to prove to myself just how much I can achieve and conquer.
It was a hard prep, a very very challenging one. It was exhausting, draining and overwhelming on top of other life things I was going through at the time.
But amidst all of those hardships I encountered, I never once put anything less than 200% into my prep and training. And I’m so proud of myself.
It was a real eye opener, to be able to see how far I could push myself and how strong not only physically, but also mentally I really was.

Those 4 months of prep consisted of late night and early morning check in pictures; Voice notes over whatsapp of me having mini freak outs and Dre always coming to my rescue to lift me up and talk some sense into me.
All that hard work, motivation and support landed me a 1st place in my class as Provincials. Something I don’t think I could have accomplished without Dre and Dan, the GRG girls, posing class and all the support it all came with.

To date, I have achieved my leanest physique at Provincials. I cannot wait to see what we bring to the next challenge we take on.

Aside from all the prep talk and the trainer side of things, Dre and Dan literally are one of kind (along with GRG). To EVERYONE that crosses their path. I know that sounds cheesy, but I have never met two people as genuine, caring and just ultimately who kick total ass! In the same city, or across the fricken world you guys have always only been a message away. For anything and everything they are THE REAL DEAL. I’ve told Dre once or twice that she is my inspiration in every aspect. I have caught myself numerous times saying to myself how motivated, ambitious, beautiful and courageous she is.
I know we are gonna continue to achieve great things together, and I can’t say thank you enough for all you both have done for me.
This is only the beginning of my fitness journey, and with these amazing people behind me I know I can achieve anything if I work for it!



"It’s not about being skinny, it’s not about loosing weight , it’s not about fitting a one dimensional aesthetic check box of ‘beauty’, it’s about finding your own essence of beauty, by finding your lust for life. Something which is unique to the AO brand. The absolute consolidation between goals, ability, the body and the mind . So do yourself a favour , throw the pills out boo , throw out the fear to eat. Take a year and learn you !! For me although my body has changed I’ve had to learn how to look good in this skin and feel it, and I’ll have to do it again in my next few steps . But your health is not a goal. Its a journey to soak in the essence of your beauty. That two second smirk scrubbed in sweat where you maxed your rep count, it’s that second of feeling two steps closer to you then you’ll ever feel before, it’s YOUR POWER Give yourself a shot , do it properly .Your life will thank you".


"Andrea’s area of excellence is being able to tailor diets and programmes for personal requirements and she offers outstanding “after sales service”, guiding and answering questions and concerns along the way.Her service delivery is very professional and her programmes and meal plans are thorough and well thought out. She is great at keeping me motivated and inspired when I start to slack off.I am very pleased with her service as I am seeing some great results. I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer”.


"The meal plan was great. It was tailored to exclude the things that I didn’t like and gave me options so that I wasn’t just eating the same thing all the time. I checked in once a week so that I still had all the guidance that I needed. So much support from Andrea and Dan really made me feel important and kept me going when I fell of the wagon or was discouraged about not seeing results. They’ve made staying healthy, happy and fit a part of my life. Its not always easy but its absolutely worth it!”

Boot Camp Client  (anonymous)

"This program starts by getting a understanding of what it is to be healthy and from there you learn things about yourself and how to reach your goals. I am very happy I took the time to do this program, it not only educated me but it pushed me to be a healthier and happier self. I successfully lost 50lbs training with Dre and this program taught me to have a healthy mind as well as body. I recommend this program to anyone who needs some self discovery and self love. Thank you Dre for everything you have done for me on this journey I will never be able to thank you enough.",


“People have probably heard me say it before, but I do not know what I would do without GRG (AO). The trainers have taught me so much not only about health and fitness, but about myself. Before them I would of never considered myself fat by any means, but definitely unhealthy and no way by any means was I confident in myself or my body. All the ladies were so welcoming and provided such a positive atmosphere that I couldn’t stay away. They taught me to be confident in myself. I started get ready girls in March 2014, and although it’s been a long process, it’s been so worth it. I am not at my goal yet, but everyday is a step towards it and I am happy with my progress. Slow and steady wins the race  GRG (AO) has become my second family and I love all the girls very much and can not thank them enough for everything they have done for me and taught me. Each one of them is an inspiration. Thank you Andrea and Dan for kicking our butts in this fitness challenge. I look up to both of you and you guys have hearts of gold, love you guys”!

Morgan from Winnipeg, Canada


“I lost 45 lbs and gained self love”.

(About the Awaken program). “This is hands down the best program anyone could do for themselves. I went into this program thinking I just needed to be educated on how to eat healthy and work out but you get that and more! It reaches down and puts you first which I hadn’t done in the a very long time. It taught me about self love and the importance of balance in your life. Andrea is an amazing, inspiring and encouraging women who has done nothing but support me through this epic journey. When I met Andrea I was 236lbs unhappy, unmotivated, overall living a very unhealthy life mentally/physically. I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder and my weight is very much associated with mental illness. Andrea never gave up on me, she quite literally pushed me towards my goals. I lost 45 pounds and gained self love. I am forever grateful from everything I have learned from her.”

-Madison from Canada

“I could not be happier with how I push myself now that I know that I am going to have someone to answer to, especially someone as caring and supportive as Andrea”.



Some more amazing pics and people!

"From the start she was so influential. She made me feel better and had so much faith in me even though she never met me. She was never only about the number on the scale or counting calories. Sure it can be important depending on your goals but those weren’t mine and she understood that. She only cared about you feeling good and loving your body. She really cares and puts time and effort into your nutrition plan-about what food you dislike and like. If you tell her you love candies such as sour patch kids don’t be surprised if you find 35g of sour patch candies on your meal plan. Just the same as you and me she loves sushi and pizza and believes in treating yourself. You will not find someone more passionate about helping woman feel powerful, beautiful and overall confident. She’s the ultimate package. I would never recommend anyone else to my family and friends".


"Andrea is absolutely amazing at what she does. I was feeling in a black hole with my business and within 30 minutes - she offered perspective, challenged me and motivated me to conquer my fears and own it. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is struggling in business or life"!

Greg (life coaching client) ZA

"I’ve known Dreia for just over a year and we have become pretty great friends during that time. That’s why it was really natural speaking with her about my life goals and the direction I wanted to take for my life. I had just recently left my job as an attorney and found myself a bit unsure of the next step. Dreia and I sat down for about hour and we completed a goal setting exercise which really helped me map out what I really wanted to achieve over the next five years. I found the exercise really useful and have even begun the journey to completing a few of the short term goals we have set for myself. The session was really useful and I would highly recommend Dreia as a life coach. She is able to help you compartmentalise what’s important and what isn’t and then help you see a clear path to achieving your goals. I’m so glad I met Dreia and I am super grateful for our session".

Tracey-Lee  ZA

"Where do i begin? I started GRG for the goal to become a super hot mom in a bikini. Yes I realise that's a superficial goal, but it's what I wanted. What I didn't know, was how much I would grow as a woman and not only crush my fitness goals, but also crush my long term life goals. I meet life long friends, who supported me like a family would. I was shown what unconditional love was and learnt that self love is such a beautiful feature on a person. I built the confidence to leave a toxic relationship of 5 yrs and become a single mom of two. With GRG i not only found a passion about health and fitness, but a passion for life. Andrea and the GRG family have become a huge chapter in my life. I will forever be grateful, for the day I decided, I want to be a hot mom In a bikini. :)"

Vicky- Canada

"I'm an online client, and two weeks in I feel more committed and motivated to stick with my program than I ever have trying to make a change all on my own. Awesome support, inspiration, and focus on healthy balance".


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